What is Online Sabong and How Does it Work


The coronavirus pandemic has left many Filipinos unemployed, but businesses are thriving. Since parties are not allowed, cockfighting is not allowed in the harbor. There are a few accepted but they are well organized. there are illegals but that is their problem. What is Sabong or eSabong online?

Sabong online, or eSabong, online cockfighting, has made rounds in the cockfighting community and many people make a living by simply being agents. On the other hand, cockers “sabungeros” can now place bets online without any problems.

Gambling “sabong” or betting on live cocks is an established tradition in the Philippines dating back three thousand (3,000) years. Gambling involves putting two roosters on the field and betting on which of the two will win. Live dancing standards in cockpits are regulated by relevant local government departments. On the other hand, the law of online sabong or eSabong is regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation according to the PAGCOR license, which was prepared by the Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Justice.

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eSabong is defined as online betting / on-site or off-site / betting on live fighting games, events and/or events broadcast or broadcast live from sports venues licensed or authorized cockpit by the competent local government department. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation’s E-Sabong Management Services are managed by the E-Sabong Licensing Department (ESLD). This includes the creation of regulatory frameworks, regulatory tools, licensing to operate E-Sabong and other related services.

How does online sabong work?

The actual fight is organized by the authority group. As of May 10 (no update), according to PAGCOR President Domingo, only Atong Ang’s Lucky 8 Starquest and Belvedere Corp. of businessman Bong Pineda received the license to operate an online sabong after paying a commission of P75 million each. Both are the most famous people in gambling and are associated with gambling problems.

eSabong fights are broadcast online and traders can place their bets through different operators using different methods. The bettor must be a member of the platform under the agent to view and place a bet. Of course, a mobile phone or computer with an internet connection is required. There are many apps for Android and iOS, but you can also check through a browser. Sabong online is no different from watching a real fight in the station. The only difference is that it is done in an isolated place and there is no noisy crowd. Sometimes the crowd is what makes a fight fun. The fight is done with a few people including professional photographers who take all the parts of the fight to make the viewers and gamblers interested. Of course, one cannot see without betting. I think this is reasonable as they limit the bandwidth of their website to readers only. eSabong also has a huge advantage over the fight on site where all the viewers can watch the fight up close. Unlike the real game where it is difficult to see the animals fighting, especially if you sit far from the cockpit.

Is online shopping legal and fair?

As mentioned above, eSabong is approved and regulated by the Philippine government. Sabong is the P75B company in the Philippines according to experts and that is not a small thing to ignore adding the fact that hundreds of thousands of jobs are at risk here. eSabong is part entertainment, part game, part business and part lifestyle.

Should I bet to win?

If your goal is to play for money, yes, you must place bets. and if you don’t know how to gamble but want to earn money, you can be an agent. There are many workers who are not in the game and many of them earn more money than the players. Is my money safe? Is eSabong a scam? Sabong is a gentleman’s game and cheaters have no place in this industry. These players have the right that the agent cannot run away with the bettors money or he will run for his life. Swindling cocker spaniels is the last thing anyone should do.

I am from outside the Philippines, can I place a bet and join eSabong? If you are an OFW with a registered Filipino phone number, you can download the GCash app and join eSabong. There are a few options for payment methods and currently only GCash is possible.

How and when will I get paid and win?

You can withdraw your money anytime through Gcash and other processors like money transfer. No one is going to stop you from claiming your victory.

  • How much money is invested in each fight? The amount of the bet depends on many factors.
  • Betting by owners
  • Bets from viewers
  • Time of war takes place. Morning fights tend to have less viewers, so the betting numbers are lower than afternoon fights at night. This is understandable since most people stay at home overnight.

How do I call eSabong?

Sabong is gambling and gambling is dangerous. Make sure you only bet the amount you are willing to lose. This type of behavior is addictive, so make sure you play small. We only provide information here and we do not encourage people to gamble their earnings. But to be fair in gambling, you can lose 90% more at gambling than at gambling. In cockfighting everyone has a 50% chance since there are only two sides that play against each other all the time.

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