What Factors Besides Price You Should Focus on When Renting a Car?


Dubai is the second largest city and top tourist destination in the UAE. It welcomes all types of tourists from around the world and provides them with all kinds of stuff to satisfy their hunger for thrill or adventure. This wondrous piece of earth holds many world records including the world’s largest floral garden, the largest Jigsaw puzzle, the largest building, the largest hotel, the largest painting, and endless deserts. Therefore, people always desire and love to visit this earthly heaven again and again.

Not only tourist attractions Dubai is also known for its massively extensive transport system and mysterious roads. Visitors can choose any means of transportation from public buses to taxis and metro lines to services of rental cars in Dubai with driver to ensure safe, comfortable, and cheap traveling. However, most people prefer renting car services because of the unlimited benefits.

Various renting car services such as One Click Drive are providing a huge collection of cars not only in Dubai but also in other cities of the UAE. From such a massive collection, selecting the right type of vehicle is a daunting task but considering your traveling needs, budget, and the type of car you desire to rent can help to make a perfect choice.

Most people consider price as the prime factor to rent a car. It’s the most expensive mistake that can ruin your trip or can cause various other problems during traveling. There are certain other reasons which can greatly impact the selection of car rental services or help you to go economic and stress-free. Therefore, understanding these factors is crucial before hiring renting car services.

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Traveling Duration

The very first thing to consider for renting a car is the traveling duration. Mark the destination point and then figure out the duration or distance you need to cover to reach that point. Also, analyze the type of roads and other challenges you can face during traveling.

This factor plays a key role in the selection of rental cars. It helps you to analyze what type of features such as engine, tires, and car type you need to tackle traveling needs.

Traveling Needs

A second important factor to consider is traveling needs. Ignoring this step can cause irritation, stress, or uncomforting during traveling due to small size, lower performance, and higher fuel consumption.   Make sure to have a clear idea about the main objective of renting a car. You can consider the type of travel, the number of passengers, and the size of the car to make a perfect choice.

Type Of Car you Desire To Rent

Car rental companies offer a huge collection of cars of different sizes, colors, and styles. And to choose the perfect one, it’s crucial to have a sketch of a car type such as a moderate, business class, or luxurious one,  you need or desire to rent. If you have to travel alone, you can choose any type of car according to your budget. But in the case of traveling with friends or family, the best way to select a car is to consider the space or size you require to fit all the passengers comfortably.

Selection of A Credible Platform

It’s crucial to avoid scams and save money because credible car rental platforms always provide free delivery and insurance policies. Therefore, it’s crucial to always go for a credible source. Choose some top-ranked rental companies, and then check their credibility through their official site. Customer reviews, ratings, and suggestions can help you to choose the best one.

What do You Need To Rent A Car?

The Rental car process is quite easy. However, it requires some important documents to ensure your credibility and avoid any other troubles. The must-have documents are;

  • National identity card
  • Valid passport
  • Traveling or touring visa
  • International driving license

Reservation Rules

Credible car rental companies such as One Click Drive also have reservation rules and strictly follow them. Therefore, make sure to check for these rules before renting a car to avoid fines or penalties. These rules may include the number of days, minimum amount to pay for the reservation, delay, and cancellation process.


Renting a car is the most economic and comfortable choice to move in and around the city with ease and privacy. And considering these factors before making the final choice can help you to invest in the right product that can stand both your needs and desires.

The best point of renting a car is that you can enjoy comfortable traveling in a car without a driving license. Because the services of rental cars in Dubai with driver also provide professional drivers at economical rates.

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