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What Are the Consequences of Neglecting to Service Your Air Conditioner?


People and articles have reminded you to schedule maintenance for your new air conditioner. And the solution is the same in this one as well.

Depending on the age and condition of your air conditioner, it may function adequately even without annual maintenance. But I bet that only holds in the early stages of your unit’s existence. Air conditioners, you know, are like cars. It’s full of rusty, grimy mechanical moving parts. If you own one, you probably take your car in for an oil change and maintenance checks every 5,000 miles. That also applies to your HVAC system. It’s full of moving parts that eventually wear out, get dusty, and break.

Even though regular AC maintenance won’t ensure that your unit won’t break down, it will greatly reduce the likelihood that you’ll need to call for AC repair in Dubai and keep your unit operating at peak performance.

This article will explain why it’s so important to have a skilled contractor service your air conditioner and what happens if you don’t.

Maintenance Can Prevent Typical Air Conditioning Repairs

Your air conditioner is a machine, and like any other in your home, it requires routine maintenance to keep running efficiently. A long list of issues will arise if you don’t maintain your air conditioner.

A lack of ventilation

Various problems could impede airflow, including unclean air filters, clogged vents, and leaky ducts. The air conditioner will have to work harder to chill the area when there is inadequate airflow, which will diminish the system’s lifespan.

Low airflow caused by AC repairs in Dubai is readily avoidable with preventative maintenance. In most cases, a maintenance service will also involve thoroughly cleaning and inspecting your entire system.

Leaking Water

Another type of AC repair in Dubai that can be avoided with upkeep is water leakage. If the air conditioner isn’t serviced regularly, the condensate drain could become blocked, the coils could freeze up, and water could leak through the crevices in the pan. If left unrepaired, the damage from water leaks can be costly or even irreparable.

What Happens If You Never Have Your AC Cleaned or Fixed

When you disregard your air conditioner, you should expect to deal with the aforementioned problems, plus the following:

Shorter System Lifespan

It’s common knowledge that air conditioners last for around ten to fifteen years before needing to be replaced. A premature unit failure is expected if you fail to maintain it properly. You could compare it to a person who rarely goes to the doctor’s office for checkups.

Many different parts in your air conditioner rotate and wear out over time. For optimal performance, keep these areas clean and well-lubricated. If you don’t keep up with regular cleaning and lubrication, you’ll soon need AC repair in Dubai. The unit may malfunction at some point in the future.

Cost of Energy Continues to Soar

If you don’t get your air conditioner serviced regularly, the dirt and grime accumulating in its moving parts will affect how well it works. Energy use will increase when your air conditioner begins to work harder than it needs to.

More electricity consumption correlates with a larger carbon footprint. You’ll have higher monthly electric bills, and you’ll be adding to pollution in the world.

Dangers to Your Health

The ducts and filters will be clogged with allergies, dust, and filth if you haven’t had your unit serviced in years. Allergens are pushed into the air when the unit is turned on, which can aggravate existing allergies and cause other respiratory issues.

Your house should be a haven from the outside world. However, bacteria and viruses can flourish in a poorly kept and soiled air conditioner. Extremely dirty air conditioning units can cause Legionnaires’ disease.

Additionally, if you don’t have your AC serviced, it could break down in the middle of a hot wave. Exposure to heat waves can result in a cascade of symptoms, such as heatstroke and heat cramps.

Negative Effect on Warranty

The majority of air conditioners have guarantees from the company that made them. However, you should realize that maintaining your air conditioner regularly is a prerequisite for most warranties.

If you don’t have receipts showing that your air conditioning system has been maintained, you’ll have to pay to get it fixed when the time comes in Dubai. When air conditioners aren’t serviced regularly or at all, they can develop serious problems that cost more to fix than regular maintenance would have cost.

There are a lot of benefits to maintaining your air conditioner regularly by Ac Repair in Dubai. It will not only save you money and keep your family healthy, but it will also increase the lifespan of your air conditioner.


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