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Web Developers vs Web Designers in Bradford: What’s the difference? 


Web designers and web developers both play a key role in making a website. Some people fail to differentiate between the two. Therefore, to clear all the ambiguities we’ll be listing all the key differences between the two. Besides, we’ll also mention which one is more beneficial when it comes to pursuing a career. Let’s begin with defining the roles of web developers and web designers in Bradford. 

What is a website designer? 

The primary role of a website designer is to design the appearance of a website. A web designer makes sure that the website is user-friendly and looks the same irrespective of the type of device. A website designer can also be employed to improve the aesthetics of the website. Web designers in Bradford are generally divided into three categories. 

  1.  UX Designer 
  2.  UI Designer 
  3.  Visual designer 

UX Designer 

As the name reveals, UX stands for user experience. The primary role of a UX designer is to design a website tailored to the user’s needs. In simple words, his job is to improve the user’s experience on your website. A UX designer studies the targeted audience, and their likes/dislikes and then design a customized layout for the website. 

UI Designer 

A UI designer deals with the interface of the website. He/she focuses more on the aesthetics or looks of a website. A UI designer puts his efforts into making the website appealing to the targeted audience. 

Visual Designer 

A visual designer can play the role of both a UX and UI designer. But like a Ui designer, he focuses more on the aesthetics of a website. Sometimes, visual designers have to sacrifice usability to make a website visually appealing.  

What is a Web Developer? 

A web developer is a coding guy who creates the code for the website to function. He’s the captain of the ship. Web developers are also divided into three categories which are mentioned below: 

  •  Front-end Developer 
  •  Back-end Developer 
  •  Full stack developer 

Front-end Developer 

Front development is also referred to as the client’s side development. A front developer codes for what users can see on the website. For this purpose, he uses Html, CSS, and Javascript. In a nutshell, front-end developers code to give the website a look. They collaborate with web designers as their work is also related to the visuals of the website. 

Back-end Developer 

Back-end developers code for what users can’t see on the website. They use advanced programming languages such as PHP, SQL, and JAVA for this purpose. Back-end development is also referred to as server-side development. It demands a strong command of these programming languages to code Databases and servers. 

Full Stack Developer 

A full-stack developer has a strong command of both front-end and back-end developments. He can code for the visual aspects of the website as well as the server side. He knows how front-end and back-end development work together. Instead of hiring both front-end and back-end developers, hiring a full-stack developer saves money.  

Web development vs Designing: Which one should you opt for? 

Well, both these fields are pretty good to pursue as a career, but you need to consider your interest. If you’re pretty good at art, and drawings then you should go for web designing. On the other hand, if you’re a good problem solver then you should try your luck on the web development side. Interest matters a lot. If you pursue a career you don’t enjoy, then chances are that you’ll not excel. If interest is there, then you will ace the skill. 


There is a big difference between web developers and web designers in Bradford. A web designer is someone who works on the visual aspects of the website. While a web designer is someone who develops and maintains a website using different programming languages such as Java, SQL, HTML, etc. Then web developers and web designers in Bradford are further categorized. Web developers are categorized as Front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers. While web designers are categorized as UX Designers, UI Designers, and Virtual Designers. All of them play an important role in the overall development of a website. I hope you’ve learned all you needed to know about web developers and web designers in Bradford. 

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