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The Ultimate Guide To Work With Brand As A UGC Creator


The internet is growing at an explosive rate, with billions of people creating, sharing, and exchanging content on a scale that was unimaginable a few years ago. The present scenario has seen the advent of User-generated content. User-generated content is organically created by the users and then shared on the internet. It can take many forms, such as videos, images, reviews, testimonials, etc.

But here’s the catch. 

It should be unbiased and unpaid. 

User-generated content is filled with opportunities that convey the brand message in the best way possible. Or it is the most straightforward language to connect with the target audience. 

Don’t believe us? Listen to the data. As per the recent report by Dot centric, brands saw over a 50% conversion rate for visitors to pages featuring UGC. This enormous market of UGC calls for UGC creators. And this is what this blog is all about. This blog will break down everything from scratch, from how to become a UGC creator to the scope of UGC; we have covered it all. So without beating about the bush, let’s get right into it. 

What is UGC Creator? 

People often confuse User-generated content with influencers who post content on social media about specific products. The distinction point between these two is where the content is posted.

Influencers are usually paid to promote the product to their target audience, which further influences their purchasing decisions. 

On the other hand, User-generated content creators involve authenticity and non-sponsored gigs. Besides, brands have considered User-generated content as a time-proven method for brand awareness and increasing the reach of the products. 

A very famous example of this is the White Cup Contest By Starbucks. In April 2014, Starbucks invited its customers to doodle on the white cup of Starbucks. In return, the winner will get $300 bucks and have the design printed on the reusable cups, they said. The results of the campaign were insane. The company received more than 4000 entries in just three weeks and boosted its sales tangentially. It is by far the most successful and authentic User-generated content campaign. 

How To Become A UGC Creator?

There is no denying that being a UGC creator is a sustainable career. If you are considering the same, have a look. 

Becoming a UGC creator is very simple. Neither it would help if you had a huge following on social media platforms nor any engagement rate to cross the threshold. You do not even need special equipment or editing skills. Then, what exactly do you need? 

You Need To Choose Your Niche 

We know there are so many lucrative industries out there. And it is even more tempting when you look at the perks. 

However, starting with something new can be scary and intimidating, so take the baby step and choose the niche first. Choosing a particular niche will clear out the confusion in your mind. The first step in choosing a niche is to jot down your interests. 

From skincare to electronics, all these industries might interest you. But you have to pick the one that you are most confident about. Remember that, as a UGC creator, you need accurate information about the chosen industry. This will help you compare the products in a better 


You Need To Start Creating Content 

Now that you know your niche, you must start creating content as soon as possible. But first, what type of content do you want to focus on? 

Are you more interested in creating high-quality reels or want to write a blog? You may be good at writing and might have wanted to improve. Then now is the time for you to get started. 

However, even if you are not sure in the beginning, you can try out all the forms of content and stick with the one that suits you the best. 

You can also take some courses online to nurture your skills. This will help you level your game up in the industry and make your content more authentic. 

You Need To Create A Portfolio 

Believe it or not, creating a portfolio is the biggest hurdle for a UGC creator. And as per the records, there are two primary reasons for it. First, the creators are unaware of its usage, and second, they don’t know what to include in their portfolio. 

Let us clarify both doubts. 

Creating a portfolio will help you improve your recognition in a professional setting. It will help you showcase who you are, what you do, and what is your preferred niche. A portfolio highlights your skills and abilities as a user-generated content creator. 

While making your portfolio, you can include basic details like your name, email address, etc. Remember to add your past works or any remarkable job you have done for a brand. 

In A Nutshell 

Being a user-generated content creator is one of the most lovable jobs among millennials. However, it is not a cakewalk. It requires authenticity, persistence, and honesty. As a user-generated content creator, you cannot be biased. More importantly, your content should be distinct from a blatant ad. 

We hope this ultimate guide has answered all your questions, from what a UGC creator is to how to become one. So don’t wait anymore; go ahead and start now. 

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