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Top 6 ways to market your new tech product launch


A tech product launch is quite an exciting occasion. After a long time doing research and testing, your product is finally hitting the market. So, you want to make sure it gets the brightest spotlight possible. After all, you spent a lot of time and effort getting the product out into the market.

If you look at tech product launches by big companies like Google and Apple, you can get an idea of the pomp and scale involved. Of course, you may not have the budget to carry out a launch at that level. However, there’s a lot you can do with your marketing. Here are a few ideas which will help you promote your new tech product launch to a large audience.

Run an email marketing campaign

An email marketing campaign lets you directly target your audience. Create a series of announcements, hype, and release emails for your new tech product. Use the technology email templates on PosterMyWall to make these emails.

Make sure you use high-scoring subject lines and choose an attractive layout for your emails. Highlight your new product, its features, and how people can pre-book or buy it in these emails. In addition, expand your email lists before the launch by running pop-up campaigns or having people sign up for an exclusive look at your new product a month or so before the actual launch.

Promote it on social media

Obviously, social media is a major part of your marketing strategy. Focus on the top platforms your audiences use. Instagram is very popular for this purpose, so create a series of Instagram posts and videos teasing your new product. Make sure you highlight the tech product’s features and put the spotlight on any unique offers you have. Let people pre-book your product from the Link In Bio section of Instagram

As for TikTok, make sure you make a few short teaser videos which hype the release of your upcoming product. When the time comes nearer, give more information and also showcase people using your product. Make sure your social media posts are designed well, and follow a cohesive theme. You should set up your social media campaigns well in advance, so that you can run a successful and organized campaign around the time of the launch.

Involve relevant influencers

Speaking of social media, you cannot underestimate the utility of relevant influencers. There are numerous influencers out there who have a massive audience. A lot of these influencers focus on tech products, so you should reach out to them. See what your budget is, and set up a proper contract with each influencer you approach.

When the launch is coming near, have these influencers hype your company and let people know something exciting is coming. Then, when you do your product reveal and launch, some influencers should already have their hands on the product and showcase its uses. This will help you give people demos of your product with actual users instead of internal experts. In addition, it will help you find a wider audience than you would have been able to reach on your own.

Reach out to publications

Before you start your tech product campaign, you need to put together a few press kits. These should include marketing collateral about your new product, the details about the launch, and a bit about your company. Reach out to relevant tech publications and see what agreement you can come to.

In some cases, tech blogs will ask for a product sample they can demo on their blog and review. Consider this option for blogs with a wide audience. In addition, send out your press kits to as many publications as possible. You can also use press release publication services online for this purpose.

Run pre-launch hype deals

Incentivize people to pre-book your new tech product. Do this with special deals or giveaways. For example, if you’re releasing a new phone, offer people a fitness band if they pre-book your product before a certain date. This will generate hype around your product launch and also get you a considerable number of sales.

Hype up your launch with discounts or prizes as well. Give customers a chance to win the product for free with a widespread marketing campaign. Give this reward on the basis of audience engagement and how much people spread the word about your product.

Share teasers and countdowns leading up to the launch

Run a teaser and countdown campaign leading up to your tech product launch. Make posts which remind people that your new product launch is right around the corner. Reveal the features and details piece by piece to keep interest high.

Prepare and schedule these posts in advance, so that you can just put them in action around the time of the launch. This way, you can focus on the launch itself.

To sum up, there are many ways to promote the launch of your new tech product. You don’t have to be a big player to make a big impact. You just need to plan things out well.

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