How to Russian Fashion Blogger in New York?

How to Russian Fashion Blogger in New York?


Today I will tell you the story of how I became a Russian fashion blogger in New York, which initially sounded to me like an interesting project and today my main source of income. I decided to find out how Russian bloggers in New York live, so I came here, although I had no idea that this trip would change my life drastically. Now I live in New York, create content, and earn money on it! Here’s how I started and what happened next!

What Does Fashion Blogger Mean?

A fashion blogger is a person that writes about clothes, brands, and trends on their website. It’s a job for some people who like to show off about what they wear and make money from ads. Fashion bloggers can be men or women but most are women.

There are hundreds of Russian influencers in the USA now and we won’t share experiences with them! What do Russian fashion bloggers do? What problems do they have during work? And how to fix these problems if you are going to start blogging yourself! How to build your personal brand if you don’t know anything about it?

Do Russian fashion influencers live only on blogs and social media pages? What other opportunities do they have in the USA? All questions answered in our next post! Do you need help writing an essay or any type of assignment just ask me via chat?

You Should Follow this Russian Fashion Blogger in New York

Where else would a Russian fashion blogger in new york Influencer be but in America, in particular New York City? Not only do we have some of the most prestigious department stores and designers but also… (Read more) You Need To Follow. If you don’t follow Russian Fashion Influencers on Instagram, then you are missing out big time!

Many people don’t know about it, but Russian fashion influencers usually have tons of followers on Instagram. For example, if you Google who is Lira Dove she has 2 million followers and other Russian influencers have up to 700 000 or even 1 million followers.

I like providing information on Russian fashion bloggers in New York with you

Russian influencers in the USA: How I am a Russian fashion blogger? I like providing information on Russian fashion bloggers in New York with you. How to get followers on Instagram and how many likes on your photo. See, it’s easy!

Just follow these steps and you will be famous like those Russian bloggers! … Well, maybe not as famous as they are, but fame is so overrated anyway. I’m a happy owner of more than 50 000 followers on Integra, what about you?

How Did You Become Interested in Fashion?

My interest in fashion began when I was a youngster. When I was just 10 years old, I designed and made clothes for my sister’s Barbie dolls. My love for style then came naturally and by 18, I had a full-on addiction! I started studying all of the leading designers and quickly became a true connoisseur of style; from runway trends to more affordable pieces found at local stores.

And now that I am living in America, it is essential that I stay up-to-date with what is going on here as well. Though it can be difficult at times, keeping track of all of these styles is an integral part of being a successful blogger; because there are some things you can’t always find back home!

You Should Be Following this Russian Fashion Blogger in New York on Social Media

With my knowledge of American culture, I used it as a springboard to launch a career in writing. With my knowledge of Russian culture, I did not use it as a springboard for a career in writing. Instead, I became an expert on what does NOT work for launching a successful career in journalism and learned a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses.

As someone who generally has better ideas than her doe’s follow-through, I need more structure than that provided by blogging. It’s good for me to push outside of my comfort zone so that I can expand into new areas that may otherwise be out of reach. So far as writing is concerned at least – and yes, they are different there are no limits other than those we set ourselves.

How to Russian Fashion Blogger in New York?
How to Russian Fashion Blogger in New York?

What are Some Trends You are Loving Right Now?

As you may know, Moscow and New York are two very different cities. The cultural difference can be vast, particularly regarding fashion. If you’re interested in incorporating some Russian culture into your style, a quick trip to Moscow might be just what you need! We hope these few pointers help you navigate Russia’s captivating capital so that you can return home looking as amazing as ever.

New York City: Not too long ago, many people considered New York City to be one of the most fashionable places on earth. This is because there is a tremendous amount of competition between people living in NYC they have something to prove and they will do anything they can (within reason) to make themselves look good.

While not all of them have a lot of money or means at their disposal, they still find ways to express themselves through their clothing. Nowadays, however, it seems like every major city has an element of coolness about it. People living in Los Angeles or London want everyone else who crosses paths with them to realize how trendy they are just like those who live in New York City do!


I believe that Russians have a lot of fashion bloggers and public figures who have a huge influence on them. The United States has a lot of beautiful cities and it is not just about New York. If you want to be a successful Fashion blogger, it does not matter where you are Moscow, St. Petersburg, or even Saratov. Just do everything right and enjoy your life!

Only then you will feel that you deserve respect and admiration! I hope my tips will help some of our small-town bloggers if they decide to move to big cities around America! And I hope that many more will appear! Thanks for reading me and thanks for following me all these years!

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