Car Care after Traveling

Tips For Car Care after Traveling for a Long Road Trip


A long road trip with your favourite car is fun, but after you come back from your trip, you need to inspect a few things. This will help you find out the damages if any, and repair them as soon as possible to make it run smoothly on the road in the future. But you might be asking, what are those few things? Well, here’s your checklist for car care after traveling.

Your first priority is washing your car and cleaning the exterior and interior. However, during the long trip, your car was exposed to natural pollutants that impose a threat of damage on your expensive car paint. So after returning, you might opt for a car wash or clean your car yourself. Cleaning at home requires various car washing accessories that you can easily order online.

You can also build a car maintenance kit with all the necessary accessories to keep your car in proper shape. Regular car inspection will increase its exchange value, especially after a long road trip. Therefore purchasing the necessary accessories for the car is beneficial and can be easily done at CarOrbis.

How Would You Opt For Car Care After Traveling?

The checklist for car care after a long road trip can be pretty long, but here are the necessary things you need to inspect after a long ride.

Clean Your Car In The Proper Way:

Attempt a thorough cleaning of your car’s interior and exterior. Use cleaners that are specially designed to clean car surfaces. Do not use harsh objects like regular clothes or newspapers to clean your car. Instead, take a microfiber cloth and remove the dust and dirt from the car’s surface in gentle strokes. Use dashboard, glass, and car seat cleaners to keep that shine intact on various surfaces.

Clean the car’s interior separately. First, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the corners and the panels. Start with the top portion and then move towards the button.

Check The Tyre Pressure:

A long road trip might leave many tears and wears on your car tyre. So check the tire pressure minutely. If you see deflated tires regularly, you need to repair the punctures as soon as possible. Leaving it unattended would lead to future complications and would hamper a smooth and comfortable ride.

You can use a tyre pressure gauge to inspect the tyre pressure and a tyre inflator to inflate it before taking it to the nearby mechanic.

Inspect The Tyre Treads:

After checking your tyre pressure go for a tread depth inspection. The standard tyre treads should be at least 3/32 inches. This might sometimes vary due to irregular road conditions and the type of tyre you possess. Ensuring a proper tyre depth will increase your car’s performance and maximise safety.

Ensure That Your Car Braking System is Working Fine:

After returning from a long drive, ensure your brakes are working fine. Several road interruptions and long-distance driving can disrupt the brake system. Malfunctioning of brake might lead to accidents and damage to your expensive car. Keep yourself and your car safe with a regular check on the brake, especially every time you opt for an oil change.

Check Oil Levels And Replace If Necessary:

The engine oil is the most important fluid that helps in the smooth functioning of your car. It is one of the most important fluids that your car has. It lubricates the engine and helps in the smooth movement of its parts. A rough and long road trip might shorten the interval for the replacement of engine oil.

If the time to change your oil arrives soon, don’t delay. Instead, change it as soon as possible to avoid serious issues like overheating and engine failure.

Change The Wiper Blades:

Generally, car owners need to change the wiper blades once or twice a year. But its increased use during road trips might necessitate an immediate replacement after returning from your long road trip or a long vacation.

Attempt A Fluid Check Of Your Car:

During a long road trip, additional car fluids like coolant, windshield wiper fluids, and several others might get depleted before time. So check on all your car fluids and refill them if necessary.

Go For An Entire Car System Checkup:

Above all, it would be wise to go for an entire car system checkup. You need to ensure whether all the systems are running properly or not. This will help detect any warning signs, saving you from a big loss.

All these checklists help you to opt for proper car care after traveling. You can also order car cleaning and inspecting accessories on CarOrbis from the comfort of your couch. Browse the various car accessories available online and get additional benefits like free shipping, easy return policies, and doorstep delivery.

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