The Show Must Go On: How Interactive Videos Keep You Engaged


Have you ever been so engrossed in a show that you forgot about what was happening around you? It’s easy to get lost in the actors, the plot, and the scenery of a well-written film or musical — that’s why interactive videos are such a great way to keep viewers engaged with your brand or company. Interactive videos can allow users to choose different paths or levels, thus creating an experience unique to each individual who watches it.

What are interactive videos?

Interactive videos are videos in which the viewer becomes a part of the story. The story may be on-going, or it may take place in real-time. There are three types of interactive videos: choose your own adventure, click-and-see and click-to-interact. Cinema8 is an example of interactive video because you make decisions for the character to decide what happens next in the movie. Interactive Video is when you have to play a game as you watch it. Click-and-see is when you explore around with your mouse, clicking on objects to see what happens. Click-to-interact means that there is something to interact with (a puzzle) and you have to do that instead of watching passively.

What makes them unique?

Cinema8 is a startup that has developed a unique way to engage viewers with interactive videos. With Cinema8, users can choose what they want to watch and how they want to watch it. It’s like having the power of your own personal movie theater at home! Users start by picking an interactive video from their library, then selecting from different themes (action, comedy) and moods (exciting). Users are then presented with three different scenes from the video – which one do you want to see next? The possibilities are endless for kids who love choosing their own adventure!

Is it worth it for businesses?

While there are many benefits to using interactive videos in your marketing, it is not without its drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks is a lack of engagement with viewers. However, this can be avoided by incorporating interactivity into the video. The more interactive features you add to the video, the more engaged and invested people will feel about it and your company. For example, if you have a logo that changes color when the viewer touches it or another object on screen, they’ll be much more likely to share the video online. Another way to encourage sharing is through pop-ups that ask viewers if they want to share their experience with friends on social media.

Tips for using interactive video in your business.

Interactive videos are a great way to attract customers and keep them engaged. The following tips can help you take advantage of interactive video in your business: 

-Use interactive content as a form of customer service. 

-Use interactive videos to educate customers about a new product or service. 

-Engage with your audience by allowing them to provide feedback or share their thoughts on what they’re watching.

Examples of best brands using this video trend.

Netflix, IKEA, and Nike have all created interactive videos. Netflix’s show Stranger Things is an example of a popular interactive video where viewers can choose the ending of the story. Other brands like IKEA and Nike also use this type of technology to create entertaining or informative videos that stay with you long after they’re finished. 

-In addition to creating stories that are difficult to forget, interactive videos allow brands to include viewer feedback in the content. -In this way, companies can collect feedback from their customers about what they want from them in future offerings as well as promote new products or features on a regular basis.

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