The First NFT Collection Created by the $WGMI Community


The $WGMI Community is a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and early adopters who are passionate about blockchain technology’s potential to revolutionize how we share, create, and own digital assets. Their goal is to build a better world through decentralized, open-source technology, and the $WGMI token is their foundational currency.

This community is also known for its creativity, innovation, and inclusivity – all of which are showcased in its Unruggables collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The 888 unique Unruggable phoenix NFTs in this collection represent the Community’s collective creativity, and each asset offers a unique experience for its owner.

NFTs are unique pieces of data minted on the Ethereum blockchain that can be used to record information or act as currency. They are often referred to as ‘non-fungible’ tokens because they aren’t replicable from one another on the blockchain. This allows users to store and share their data securely and transparently.

There are many different types of unruggable NFTs available, and each type has its own distinct set of characteristics. These include a variety of styles, such as abstract and generative art, emojis, gaming and metaverse collectibles, and even doodles.

Some NFTs are created by coding creatives using the latest in artificial intelligence technology. Others are purely digital art pieces ranging from abstract landscapes to animated GIFs. There are even a few NFTs that can be owned by anyone, transforming digital assets into real-world objects.

Curated NFT Galleries from Art Blocks

As the NFT marketplace continues to grow and develop, many artists have joined its ranks. Currently, Art Blocks features over 1,000 curated NFT galleries that feature a variety of digitally generated artworks. Designed to offer a high standard for uniqueness and NFT individuality, these galleries are curated by coding creatives from around the world.

Artist Anthony Hopkins’ “Eternal Collection” Sold Out in Under Seven Minutes

Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins’ first NFT art collection, entitled “The Eternal Collection,” sold out on the NFT marketplace Open Sea in under seven minutes. The NFTs in this collection feature visual nods to the actor’s career in Hollywood, including Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter, and Westworld.

The art is reportedly inspired by Hopkins’ acclaimed performances in the movies and TV series, capturing a variety of character archetypes that span decades of his film and television career. The collection is described as “an interpretation of the vast character archetypes Sir Anthony Hopkins has portrayed,” and it’s hoped the NFTs will become a permanent record of his legacy in the entertainment industry.

This collection has received a lot of positive media attention, including a recent cover story from Vanity Fair magazine. It’s a fascinating example of how blockchain technology can be used to empower creators and help them express their artistic expressions in new ways.

Refik Anadol’s Living Architecture: Casa Batllo

Turkish-American artist Refik Anadol is a pioneer in generating generative NFT artwork. His work uses data-driven machine learning algorithms to create abstract, dreamlike environments that are based on the architecture of architect Gaudi.

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