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Teeth scaling and Sensitivity: How to Deal with it

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Eating on a daily basis and not taking care of your teeth can lead to many oral issues which may lead to tooth loss. There may be many causes that can affect your teeth’ health. When there is a buildup or you want a root canal, your dentist may ask for the scaling.

A dentist in Lahore shares that teeth scaling is known as the deep cleaning of your teeth. For chronic periodontal disease, your dentist may recommend root planing and teeth scaling. Typical teeth cleaning is not a deep one but you can get deep teeth cleaning with the scaling procedure.

It may take only one visit to the dentist to help with chronic periodontal disease. Let’s explore more about teeth scaling.

The Reason behind Teeth Scaling

Root planing and teeth scaling are the options that your doctor asks for. People who experience chronic periodontal disease signs should go for teeth scaling.

Such methods help in deep cleaning of teeth and also give your teeth a new look. It removes the buildup and keeps your teeth clean. Often bacteria in plaque lead to the gap between the gums and teeth.

Chronic periodontal disease needs proper treatment or it can lead to other conditions, such as tooth loss, moving teeth, bone and tissue loss, and loose teeth.

Many causes can contribute to chronic periodontal disease, such as age, family history, changes in hormones, poor dental hygiene, poor nutrition, etc. Some medical conditions may also cause chronic periodontal disease. There are different symptoms, such as shifting permanent teeth, bleeding gums, inflamed and tender gums, changes in your bite, etc.

When you experience this kind of symptom, make sure that you consult with the doctor. Because untreated patients may develop other conditions.

People who are really concerned about the pain should consult the doctor and share. The dentist can help to use the procedure that can reduce the pain risk.

The first step of teeth scaling is scraping the plaque from the teeth and also removing this kind of buildup from the large pockets. The experts will be using the scaling tooth that can smooth the gums and help in reattaching the gums with the teeth.

It depends on the teeth and the gums if you need further treatment. They will use antimicrobial agents that can help your mouth clean. These agents include oral antibiotics that a person should take for several days.

There is another process that your dentist health will perform, and it is known as host modulation. Yes, it is an additional medicine that is applied directly to your gums and reduces the risk of periodontitis long-term effects. These can also help with lowering infection risk. Every person should get help from the expert if they experience bleeding gums. 

The teeth specialist uses the typical tool to perform host modulation. Sometimes, your doctor may use other instruments. These can be use for teeth scaling and help in deep cleaning of your teeth.

Do you know about the benefits of teeth scaling?

Well, the next section can help you find out.

Teeth Scaling Benefits 

Teeth scaling and root planing are the best procedures that are performing for treating chronic periodontal disease. Many studies have proved that these procedures are the best when it comes to improving the pocket gap by 0.5 millimetres.

Tooth, tissue, and bone loss risks can be reduced if you take these procedures to clean the teeth and gums deeply. Let’s find out what are the risk factors here.

Risks factors 

There are no such risks or warnings associated with teeth scaling. After scaling your teeth, you may be at risk of developing some infections. You must have mouthwash and antibiotics that can help to deal with the infection risk and reduce it.

If you experience worse pain, make sure that you get help from an expert. People often experience some other symptoms as well, such as fever, and some specific area that does not heal over time.

When you get teeth scaling done, the most common symptoms you may experience include sensitivity. Your doctor may ask to buy a special mouthwash or toothpaste to reduce the sensitivity in the early days after teeth scaling.

Your doctor may ask for more than one visit after having the teeth deep cleaning procedure. In the second visit, the doctor confirms the results of the procedure if it worked.

You need to follow the normal oral hygiene routine but always stay gentle with your teeth. Make sure that you do not brush your teeth hard as it may lead to bleeding gums.

Final Thought

Teeth scaling and root planing are common but very effective to deal with chronic periodontal disease. You need to discuss with the doctor if you experience some symptoms.

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