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Reasons to start On Demand Business with Gojek Clone App!


Here is the most excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start an on-demand business. Now, entrepreneurs can begin their multi-service businesses with the Gojek Clone app. Sounds awesome? Let me tell you one good reason why you should trust this on-demand multi-service app. You will become a millionaire!

Did it catch your attention? In today’s world, who doesn’t want to be wealthy?

Reasons to Start a Business with the Gojek-like App

At the beginning of the blog, we came to know the prominent reason why you need to effectuate your business plan with an app like Gojek. To give a detailed explanation about the same, let me give you two reasons why you can become a millionaire.

1.   Save money with low development cost

The cost of developing this on-demand app solution is low because it’s pre-built. Being pre-built denotes that the app has already gone through the development process including designing, coding, testing, and launch.

You can get this pre-built solution from a white-labeling firm that resells the clone app scripts they have created and launched. The Gojek Clone app is one of these solutions. How does a pre-built app save money? Well, by purchasing a pre-built on-demand app solution, the entrepreneur saves the cost of:

  • Buying or renting an office premise.
  • Recruiting and training dedicated developers, marketers, QA professionals, etc.
  • Paying monthly salaries, annual bonuses, incentives, Provident Funds, etc.
  • Purchasing expensive software licenses and other electronic assets.
  • Incur other ongoing costs.

2.   Generate more money

Generate incredibly high profits and revenues with this on-demand multi-service app.

Entrepreneurs generate profits from two business models, commission per service and membership subscription plans.

  • Earn commission per service: the entrepreneurs get to determine a certain percentage they want to earn from every service that is rendered through the app. For example, entrepreneurs get a 10% commission on every taxi ride, a 12% commission on every car wash service, and so on.
  • Membership subscription plans: the subscription plans are curated by the entrepreneur. Each plan has a different price, feature, time validity, etc. Thus, depending on the needs, the providers can purchase the Gojek Clone app subscription plan and renew or upgrade them as per their requirements.

Apart from the two profit-centric business models, entrepreneurs generate more money because of additional revenue streams. In brief, more money inflows from:

  • Surcharge
  • In-app third-party Facebook/Google Ads
  • Cancellation fee

Hence, more money generation and saving with the on-demand Gojek-like app can make you a millionaire!

Find a Suitable On-demand App Solution

You need to find a suitable clone app script so that you can make more money. Well, it is a difficult task, however, with the proper checklist of essentials, you can find a perfect solution.

Refer to the below-mentioned checklist to search and select a fitting on-demand app solution for your business. 

  • They should have 10+ years of industry experience.
  • The firm must have launched over 1200 pre-built apps.
  • The technology stack they use should be the latest and most advanced.
  • Time to market should not be more than 1 to 2 weeks.
  • The firm must agree to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement and Privacy Policy.
  • Part-payment available
  • A free demo app trial is available

If you have found the Gojek Clone app that ticks off every point in the checklist, congratulations, you have found the most suitable solution. What’s next? Kick-start the app development process and launch the apps on iOS and Android App Stores to gather a larger market share.

Final Words:

Summing up, you have to be very careful about the solution you’re choosing because only then can you guarantee hefty money making. Read through the mentioned checklist if you are unsure about what qualities to look for while searching the Gojek Clone app.  

Get in touch with the white-labeling firm experts and finalize your app purchase.

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