Social Media Feedback, the Negative and the Positive

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Social media is not just for sharing photos of your lunch and seeing what your friends are up to. It can also be a useful tool for self-improvement if you learn how to use it. That’s right: social media can help make you a better person! If you’re wondering how this works, I’m going to share with you some of the ways that social media feedback has helped me grow as a person over the years.

Most people get more positive feedback than negative

Most people get more positive feedback than negative. When you receive a compliment, it makes you feel good and motivates you to continue doing what made the person compliment you. On the other hand, when someone criticizes or complains about something that they don’t like, it can make us feel bad and less motivated to continue doing that thing.

This is why most businesses prefer customer service surveys over negative reviews: they want to hear what their customers think of them so they know how to improve their business in order to please future customers better and keep them coming back!

Positive comments can trigger introspection and emotional reactions

Positive comments can make you feel good, but it’s important to be aware of the potential drawbacks. If your positive feedback makes you feel like you aren’t good enough or that others are better than you, this can lead to emotional reactions such as guilt, shame and self-doubt.

You might also feel like others expect more from you than they ever did before; so much so that it becomes overwhelming and stressful. In this case, try not to let the pressure get too much for you by practicing self-compassion (e.g., mindfulness) or reaching out for help if necessary.

Negative comments can be motivating in a competitive way

Negative comments can be motivating in a competitive way. If you receive negative feedback on social media, it’s important to look at the comment as an opportunity for self-improvement and growth. You may see that there are things you need to do differently or improve upon in order for your business or product/service offerings to succeed.

In addition, receiving negative comments from customers is often an indicator that they care enough about your brand or product/service offering enough so that they want you to succeed!

Feedback can make you feel validated or like you’ve failed

The negative comments can make you feel like a failure, but the positive ones can also cause problems. When people praise your work, it’s natural to want more of that feeling. But if all you see are positive comments on social media and none of your work ever gets criticized, that could lead to complacency–you might stop pushing yourself because everything seems great already!

Be honest about your emotions when getting feedback.

When you’re getting feedback on your social media posts, it’s important to be honest about your emotions. Don’t take the negative feedback personally and don’t overreact to it. On the other side of things, don’t ignore positive feedback either!


Be Batter is a great way to get feedback from your customers. You can reach out to your followers and ask them questions or get their opinion on something. It’s important not to take negative comments too personally, but instead use them as motivation for self-improvement. If someone says they don’t like something about your business or service then listen carefully. Because there may be some truth in what they are saying!

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