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Smart Mobile Marketing Ideas You Can Implement 


Today when most of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices, mobile-specific marketing campaigns can help you get superb results. But the key is to make your marketing campaigns targeted and unique to get you maximum benefits.  

When many businesses are embracing innovations with both arms, working on mobile marketing can give your business a competitive edge. Consider it as Cox Internet service is offered in a variety of different packages of speeds and features designed to fit your needs. Therefore, brainstorming new ideas or reshaping existing ones for mobile marketing should be on your to-do list.  

Here are some mobile marketing ideas you can use or get inspiration from: 

Freebies on App Download 

If you are just starting with your products and services, it can be tough to get downloads on your mobile application. One way to get more downloads is to offer freebies on the first download. These freebies can be anything depending on the nature of your business. For example, if you run a fast-food business, that freebie can be a free refill or anything like that. If your company has a digital product, giving away a free trial may help you.  

These freebies may sound like giving a lot away. But when you compare it with the lifetime value of a customer, the cost may not even feel like any significant expense. Besides, the service has been very successful for many major businesses. So, it is worth giving a shot to offer something like this to your customers.   

You can push promotions through these apps. You can think of the app download stage as the awareness stage that initiates your customer journey funnel. Therefore, racking up more downloads for your business is better.  

Points on Purchases 

One of the most common approaches to attract customers is to offer a points system for every purchase. The reason why it is common is its effectiveness and ease of implementation. For this system to work, you need a customer login option on your website or mobile application. Since it’s about mobile marketing, having your mobile applications is much better.  

You can decide how the points system works. For example, if it works on the value of the order or the items on the menu. Those points can be usually tracked from the application. You can set rewards like free samples, discounts, or anything that appeals to the customers.  

This idea can help you increase repeat buyers of your products and services. That’s the whole point of introducing this mobile marketing model. The number of businesses using this type of strategy is enough evidence of its success. So, it may be worth trying for your company as well.  

Selfies for Trials 

Many companies have offered discounts in the past to people for posing with their products. And now some businesses take a smarter approach of asking customers to take a selfie with their product and post it on social media. This form of customer-generated content has unmatched potential to get you the desired response from your marketing campaigns.  

Where most companies create their content to post on social media, you can get multiple user-generated posts. This way, you may get better reach on the posts and get better brand awareness. Also, this is one of the easiest approaches that does not demand a lot of effort from your side.  

Augmented Reality Features on Apps 

If you have the budget and you are willing to invest in mobile marketing, augmented reality apps are the new frontier. IKEA and Burger King are some of the companies that are making good use of such apps. The app from IKEA lets you see how a piece of furniture will look in the space where you want to see it.  

On the other hand, Burger King had a campaign called “burn that ad”. When customers use the application on an ad of some other chain, they could burn the ad in flames (virtually). There were rewards like a free whopper they could redeem from their nearest franchise. Both of these approaches may not be a fit for your business. But these are innovative marketing approaches using the newest features.  

Such applications will require allocating a budget and onboarding a developer with similar experience. So, overall taking a similar mobile marketing approach can be way more demanding than other strategies. But the benefits and the opportunity to have a clear edge over the competition are also there. Therefore, the chances are that the strategy is worth it.  


There are so many ways of promoting products and services through mobile marketing. You can push app downloads, repeat sales, and even do activities that do not require an app. These were just some good examples. You can come up with your own ideas too.  

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