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What to visit in Puglia: between cities and places to discover


From the highest Gargano to the more colorful Salento, Puglia offers unforgettable experiences and landscapes . The most evident and extraordinary feature is the versatility of our lands and towns, a moment before immersed in rocks and greenery and the exact moment after crowned by the crystalline blue of the Adriatic and Ionian coasts.
Visiting Puglia means immersing yourself in a riot of unique sounds and scents as well as in places with stories to tell.

But where to start?

Bari: historic center, the basilica of San Nicola and the Bari focaccia

The queen of places to visit in Puglia is Bari: emblem of the numerous attractions and possibilities that our territory has to offer.
Those who stop in the capital cannot fail to visit Bari Vecchia , the historic center of the city and guardian of the oldest local tradition. Among its streets the suggestions and points of interest are many, one of all the Basilica of San Nicola. Then entering the most intimate alleys of the ancient city, one is enraptured by the smell of freshly baked focaccia and by the hissing sound of the orecchiette knife on the pastry board , incredible examples of the family warmth that envelops this city.

Ostuni: the white city

Obligatory stop is definitely Ostuni : small, welcoming and full of surprises.
This small town is nicknamed the white city due to the omnipresence of lime on all houses Inside the Aragonese walls rises the small historic center, a reference point for evening walks and full of characteristic places to visit.
In this regard, we cannot fail to mention Palazzo Roma , once only a cine-theater and today also a Lounge Bar and container for events, concerts and art-related experiences (photo above).

Lecce and the Salento Baroque

The capital of Salento is a symphony of colors and details in harmony with the history of this city.
Defined as the “Florence of the South”, Lecce enjoys an enviable architectural-artistic fame thanks to its lively Baroque decorations. The Salento Baroque can be discovered everywhere, from the inserts of the Cathedral and the Basilica of Santa Croce , up to the windows and the coats of arms of the historic centre.
The residences and palaces located in the old city recall the energetic style of the Baroque in a new and elegant key; this is the case of Palazzo BN , the ancient headquarters of the Banca di Napoli and today a temple of hospitality and gastronomy, part of our network of luxury facilities together with Pettolecchia Collection and Lido Pettolecchia , places to visit between Savelletri and Fasano.

Monopoli and Polignano: not just the sea

Among the well-known Apulian tourist-bathing destinations there are undoubtedly Monopoli and Polignano , at times similar but in detail so characteristic and different from each other.
Monopoli today is known for its splendid coastline , for its crystalline beaches and for its splendid ancient port , but until the 11th century it was a bishopric , therefore a country to visit of great Christian-Catholic interest at a regional level.
The town of Polignano a Mare is instead a wonderful medieval village perched on a rock that overhangs the splendid waters of the Adriatic. It is the birthplace of Domenico Modugno and full of poetry.

Traveling in Puglia is richness and discovery , it is introspection.

Come and be inspired by our places and our traditions.

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