Best Play To Earn NFT Games To Invest In 2022


P2E games have existed for quite a while and already have a significant player base. P2E or Play to Earn games exist to make a nonprofitable venture like plain games into something that can get you a reasonable income. However, most of these games are based on luck and while sometimes they might make you earn a pretty penny the other times it might mess up. In the case of NFT games however it is quite different given that these NFTs that are being used can be raided for prices depending on their value.

NFT P2E games are revolutionizing the entire gaming space. While not all P2E are NFT games and not all NFT games are P2E but there is much that is similar. Given that you can earn through both but the method differs. As there are several different NFT P2E games one might find it difficult to find the kind of games they are into and the kind of games that might draw their interests.

  1. Axie Infinity

This is a blockchain-based game where the characters and playable items are NFTs. The players who play the game need to purchase characters who are there cute little and pit them against others in battle. Throughout the game, SLP tokens can be gained through mission completion or by accomplishing some feat. These tokens can be converted and withdrawn in the form of cash. This is how Axie infinity adopts its P2E strategy. The game uses these cute monsters as NFTs and the higher the price the greater the stats would be.

  1. Lucky block

This is an NFT P2E game that rewards you for basically just holding onto an NFT. The people who wish to play this game need to purchase an NFT which will enable them to compete in different games where the prizes are incredible. These games give you a winning prize of anything from a million in bitcoin to even the possible ownership of a brand new Lamborghini. That’s not all! They also continue to give you daily rewards if you just hold onto their NFT. There are no clauses to buying these NFTs and they can be purchased directly from their NFTmarketplce.

  1. MCL(Meta Cricket League)

A cricket-oriented P2E NFT game that enables you to buy Cricket NFTs from Jump. trade marketplace to use them as playable characters. These characters vary from rookies to different kinds of batsmen and bowlers. Even bats are NFTs that have different perks based on their rarity. Apart from that, one can make money by playing the game and winning them. As the character improves so does its value which makes them more profitable and rare. Apart from this, there are tournaments and competitions that are held frequently to keep it as lively as possible.

  1. Decentraland

This is a VR game that allows users to purchase land and develop it. The game has no restrictions as to what someone can do on it and they can even go so far as to create their own game on it. The game allows users to do anything even opening a self-owned online store where one can make real purchases and so much more. If the owner of that land is not there then someone else can be paid to take care of it for you. This game is quite interesting as it helps explore different mediums for people who want to understand how real estate and business work.

  1. Battle Infinity

For those who are interested in fantasy-oriented sports games, this game is the perfect fit. The game is a metaverse-oriented one with much more features than just playing a game. The game allows you to create teams and participate in different leagues which will in turn help you earn by collecting IBAT tokens. These tokens can be used to go ahead and purchase stuff in the game or can be converted into real-world money. The game is a game that has it all straight from fun-filled battles to sociable interactions to cater to varying audiences.

  1. Blankos party

A P2E NFT game where there are a bunch of mini-games and players can compete to win MLA coins. These are the in-game currency that is being used but there is also an alternative called Blanko bucks which can be purchased with a credit card. The game has NFTs called blanks that were created by partnered artists, They give the character power-ups and buffs. These NFTs can be traded or sold based on the in-game perks as well as their rarity and demand. The in-game currency can be traded for real-world money and their value while low will soon go up value.

  1. Gods Unchained

This game is a card game and is free to play. It is accessible to everyone, and one does not need to spend to earn. Unlike several different games, this game focuses on strategy. It does not luck so anyone who can think, understand, and process things quickly can make a fortune off of it. The GODs that are being played with are NFTs. They can be upgraded or leveled with the help of in-game tokens. This not only increases its value but also makes them more powerful in the game. To say it in simple terms for anyone interested in card games Gods Unchained is a real treat.

  1. Cryptokitties

This is a game that was created in 2017, way before the craze for crypto and NFTs got popular. The game is based around buying playable NFTs that are cats that are cute. As the game progresses you will realize it has no particular part. That cause people can just enjoy playing it. These NFTs however have become valuable and expensive and people buy and sell them for huge profits. While the lack of a goal may seem like an issue for some, for others. It is not as the game allows you to need other cats and different breeds as well.

  1. Zed run

This game is a horse race game where the horses that are being bred and trained are NFTs. Users can buy, sell and trade these horses for others. You can use in-game tokens or currency to power them up. Not only that leveling them up and winning can make you earn more rewards and tokens. The characters have their advantages and disadvantages but can be leveled up to balance them out. Not only that, the game also allows you to place bets on whichever horse you think will win.

  1. Pirate X Pirate

A new NFT game with a pirate theme which is quite apparent with clean and clear gameplay. The game focuses on recruiting pirates onto your team and earning PXP which is the game’s curre. It also allows you to mint NFTs to get rare and unique ships for your crew to use and the PXP earned can be converted into actual currency and can be taken out. The game involves taking a crew created by you. By making it battle different people and winning against them as well.


With that, we have 10 of the best P2E NFT games that are fun and yet profitable to play. While there are still many out there but these are by far in a league of their own.

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