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Learning the Quran and learning Online Shia Quran Academy how to study it


5 Reasons Why Every Shia Muslim Should Study the Quran:

Learning the Quran, and learning how to study it, are both important parts of Online Shia Quran Academy being a Shia Muslim. The Holy Book of Islam was revealed to Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم over 1400 years ago, and each word in it is so rich with meaning that it can take an entire lifetime to explore everything about it. So, if you’re serious about your faith, you should make it one of your highest priorities to learn how to study the Quran and read the Holy Book every day. Here are five reasons why every Shia Muslim should study the Quran.

1) The importance of getting the knowledge:

Learning how to read and recite the Quran is one of our Online Shia Quran Academy most important responsibilities as Shia Muslims. It is not just a matter of reading and reciting, but rather understanding what we are reading and reciting. The importance of getting the knowledge can be seen in five different ways:
1) Memorization aids comprehension. Just like when we learn a new language, it’s easier to remember words that have been learned through repetition, similarly when we study something through memorization, comprehension is aided by recalling what has already been memorized. 2) It instills patience and discipline. When we are learning something new, there will always be challenges along the way; this teaches us patience and discipline throughout our lives because it trains us to persevere through difficult times.

2) Knowing how to read the Qur’an:

  1. It’s a commandment from Allah that every Muslim should learn how to read the Qur’an and learn what it says in it.
  2. Learning how to read the Qur’an will help you understand what Allah wants from us and what he wants from our life.
  3. Reading the Qur’an can be a form of worship for us, if we do it with sincerity to Allah and try our best to put into practice everything that is mentioned in it.
  4. Reading the Qur’an can help us feel close to Allah and remember Him more often throughout our day, especially during moments when we’re alone or feeling down.

3) Understanding the meaning:

The first step to understanding the meaning of Quran is to know what it means in Arabic. That’s because language doesn’t translate perfectly from one language to another. The more you learn about Arabic, the better off you’ll be when interpreting a verse or passage. Knowing that, here are five reasons why every Shia Muslim should study their Holy Book:
1) A good understanding of tafsir can help us live our lives in accordance with Islam. 2) Studying the Quran will help us become better people, both inside and out. 3) Learning how to recite Quran can take your prayers up a notch or two!

4) Memorizing different parts:

  1. It’s a way to feel closer to Allah (SWT) 2. It helps you become more knowledgeable about Islam 3. Memorizing the Quran can help you with your spirituality 4. You will always have it with you 5. It is an act of worship and piety, which Allah (SWT) loves

5) Taking action upon what we’ve learned:

1) The Quran is a source of guidance for us.
2) We should be striving to get closer to Allah (SWT).
3) The knowledge of the Qur’an will help us better understand our religion.
4) Knowing what’s in the Qur’an can help us avoid getting into unnecessary debates.
5) Studying the Qur’an will help keep our minds away from other things that are not halal and we want to stay away from.
6) Doing this will allow our hearts to open up and feel peace when reading it.

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