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The popularity of the popular Pokémon Go game in Thailand is not new, but some political parties are banning the game. The game uses graphics and satellite locations to overlay cartoon monsters on real-world settings and challenges players to find, train, and capture the virtual creatures. It has also been banned by some autocratic governments. In Thailand, polling stations are open only to registered voters, and the junta has banned open debate and campaigning.

Safety warnings

Despite Thailand’s reputation as a safe 8xbet country, there are several safety concerns. First of all, Thailand has one of the highest murder rates in the world, and the main weapon used for the crimes is a gun. Moreover, teenagers in Thailand are notorious for committing a number of murders, many of which are the result of perceived disrespect.

Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary

In a high profile case, a Thai man was arrested in Thungyai Naresua National Wildlife Sanctuary and charged with killing a black leopard. The man and his companions killed the endangered animal while game hunting four years ago. The incident caused a huge public outcry, and protestors in black leopard masks demonstrated in protest.

Poaching and logging increased

Thungyai Forest during the 1960s, and a wildlife sanctuary was declared in 1974. Named after the King Naresuan, the sanctuary is home to more than 3,200 square kilometers of land. In 1991, the sanctuary was further divided into two parts – the East Wildlife Sanctuary and the West Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Thungyai Naresuang Wildlife Sanctuary

Thailand’s most important protected areas for hunting and is home to a variety of species including elephant, goral, and serow. It is also home to many endemic species and is home to over 350 species of birds.

The sanctuary is also home to the largest freshwater

Wetland in the country. It once hosted the freshwater Siamese crocodile. The white-eyed river-martin, which was named after Princess Sirinthorn, has also become extinct in Thailand. Many people who hunt in Thailand have no idea that their activities are destroying the balance of nature.

Premchai’s passion for hunting

A construction tycoon’s passion for hunting has led to his arrest and conviction. His sentence is two years and fourteen months in jail. Among the animals he killed was a black panther. Despite this harsh punishment, the World Wide Fund for Nature called the case a win for wildlife and the rule of law.

The conviction was the result of a long investigation

Police and the judicial system were able to prove that Premchai had no permit for hunting in the area. After the trial, he was convicted of three charges related to poaching. He also was found guilty of enabling others to hunt within a wildlife sanctuary. His three accomplices were also sentenced to prison, though they received lesser sentences.

The Supreme Court’s decision is a victory for wildlife conservation groups

During the trial, Premchai appeared in court with a bandage over his left eye. He also carried a walking cane. Premchai was charged with hunting in the Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, a designated wildlife sanctuary.

While Premchai denied the charges against

He later issued an apology. His passion for hunting had turned his life upside down. While he was one of Thailand’s 50 richest men, his company is one of the largest construction firms in the country. It is rare for a high-profile person to be arrested for poaching.

Thaiger is a national website that began operations in April 2018. The website previously offered both Thai and English , but since its acquisition of the digital assets of the Phuket Gazette in August 2017, it has focused on national and regional . Since then, it has grown to be the second most popular English-language site in Thailand.


Sudsapda is one of the leading sports sites in Thailand, providing breaking and expert analysis. The site offers video clips from live matches, articles in both English and Thai, and an active online community. It also features a sports blog and a large archive of live sporting events.

Sudsapda has a Facebook page and mobile website, and the site’s content is frequently updated. A feature called Sudsapda Live allows you to follow live matches on the site, and it also offers an email newsletter. Sudsapda’s content is updated regularly, and there is a thriving community on social media.

There are a number of websites where

Thai readers can read the latest in sports. Many feature news articles in English, video clips of live matches, and expert analysis. Many of these sites also offer social media presence and newsletters. Depending on the sport you’re following, you can even subscribe to receive email updates.

SMMSPORT Thailand is an English-language

site that covers a wide range of sports. It includes live streaming of international and national sports events as well as archives of video footage from different venues. The site is easy to navigate and has an attractive interface with bright colors. It is also accessible on smartphones and tablets.

Thaiger, a daily e-news publication with a broad

audience, is the fastest-growing English-language online news site in Thailand. While it originally offered Thai and English news, the company plans to separate the English and Thai languages by August 2020. Thaiger’s content is curated, and the site makes use of custom software and Thai-language reporting. The site features news from major Thai cities. Most of its readers are from the U.S. or Europe, although its Thai-language version has a loyal following.

Khaosod Newspaper is a daily

Thai language news site that focuses on news and gossip. It covers the latest in Thai sports, politics and entertainment. The website features articles written by prominent Thais. It also features a culture blog and podcasts from prominent Thais.


The website features live links to the latest matches and provides video interviews with players. Its interface is friendly, and its articles are written by experts in the field. It also has a news blog and a Facebook page. This sports news website has a very active community, and it has a great selection of videos and pictures.


Thai sports fans can find a wide variety of sports news on the internet, with several sites that feature international, national and local events. These sites feature high-quality video footage, expert analysis and detailed news articles. Some also allow subscribers to subscribe to email updates. They offer both English and Thai-language versions.

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