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Improve hand-eye coordination of your kids with these toys

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Playing with toys that helps you improve your gross motor skills and fine motor skills in your pre-school era is important in everyone’s life. These skills are basic skills that everyone needs in life. Without these even lifting, a glass is impossible. Without these skills nothing can be achieved in life, these skills for a human being is as important as oxygen to live. Adventuretown Toy emporium shopping will be of every type of toy and puzzle which kids play with to develop basic skills of life. Adventuretown toy emporium discount codes can be used for extra discounts 

The five types of toys that improve hand-eye coordination are 

1. Building blocks

Block toys or building block toys are connecting toys that can be piled up one on one and create something which that toy is designed to be. Sometimes these toys just add up to a tall tower. These toys help kids with hand-eye coordination ability as these toys need to be connected which helps kids to develop their fine and gross motor skills. These toys develop a child’s imaginary power which helps them solve these building blocks to make something. These skills can be learned by giving them enough time and building blocks and toys keep the child occupied for long hours as these are tough types of puzzles for a kid who is still developing his fine and gross motor skills.

These toys are not hazardous to kids because they cannot give them serious injury and are only blunt plastic but kids often take plastic toys in their mouths so parents should be cautious and keep their eyes on the child when they are playing with these toys. Adventuretown toy emporium deals can provide you with toys for every age factor and building block types of toys and also toys that improve brain skills and fine and gross skills.

2. Abacus 

Abacus is a tool made and used long ago in 2400 BC. These tools are not just used as a tool in modern life these tools are now used as kid development toys these toys improve kids’ hand-eye coordination as they are required to move beads for perfect calculations. The abacus helps kids to produce competitive skills as an abacus is hard for them to understand but it also helps them to learn about addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. These toys also help in developing kids’ logical, creative, and basic mathematical abilities as they have to do thinking and calculations by themselves.

The moving of beads in the abacus also develops gross motor skills and improves the brain’s functioning, which stores memories and helps strengthen them. Abacus are great toys for developing a child’s intellectual and other skills. Adventuretown toy emporium is here to help by providing every type of toy which can develop intellectual skills. There is a separate section on their website for these toys which can be bought at very affordable prices by using Adventuretown toy emporium coupons. 

3. Puzzles 

Puzzles are the most versatile type of toy because it comes in a diversity of difficulties according to age. They are a great way to develop every type of skill from the exterior of your body to the interior of the body. Also, they are solved by adults as well as children. In the preschool era, adults have already developed their basic developments so the puzzles for adults usually have high difficulty levels.

Puzzles for kids are mainly responsible for developing their fine and gross motor skills, visual perception, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive development. It develops fine and gross motor skills because you need to place the pieces of puzzles in the right position to solve. It requires picking an object and placing it, sometimes turning pieces which use our finger muscles. By solving puzzles, they prove that their visual perception and hand-eye coordination are also improving. Adventuretown toy emporium sells these types of puzzles for the overall development of your child’s skills and can buy them using Adventuretown toy emporium promo codes for extra savings

4. Drawing 

As a kid, we all drew many things on our house walls. We were doing that just for fun but we didn’t know we were improving our hand-eye coordination, strengthening our memory, and improving fine and gross motor skills. When we are in our developing stage drawing and writing are the two major factors for improving our fine and gross motor skills. The drawing consists of a brush, coloured pencils, or crayons which are to be held by our finger muscles and we need to lift them and move them in a certain motion to draw something. Drawing also improves our hand-eye coordination as we see and draw with our hands. Sometimes we also draw something which we have seen in the past which means that we also improve our memory factor. 

For markers, crayons and other art items make sure you visit the Adventuretown toy emporium for the best quality product at a very affordable price range. Also, don’t forget to shop at Adventuretown toy emporium sales.

5. Playing with balls

Playing with the balls is a fun activity for the child, kids often engage in a ball game and develop a habit of playing with balls. There are various types of games to be played with the ball which increase the development of our hand-eye coordination like throwing the ball in a targeted place, catching a ball coming from a distance apart, dribbling the ball, and passing it. Kids playing with balls develop fine and gross motor skills by grasping and throwing the ball. Kids should be handed non-hazardous balls to avoid injury to themselves or others. Various types of non-hazardous balls are available in Adventuretown toy emporium at meagre prices and Adventuretown toy emporium offers can be used for other benefits 

Thus, there are many types of toys and activities to perform to improve your gross and fine motor skills which will also help you to improve your hand-eye coordination. All these activities and exercises equipment can be brought from the Adventuretown toy emporium and Adventuretown toy emporium coupon codes can be used for extra benefits

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