Graduation Thesis

How to Write a Graduation Thesis


When a student is preparing to write their graduation thesis, there are several factors to consider. First, the type of work you will be producing will affect the time it will take to complete. If you are writing a creative work, you will need to submit it to your adviser and a committee of readers. If masters dissertation help presenting a performance, you will also need to coordinate schedules. You will want to notify your committee members at least a month ahead of time, so they can plan accordingly.


The graduation thesis can be an important part of a student’s university education. Some undergraduate programs require extensive written assignments, sometimes called theses or essays. High schools are also increasingly requiring senior projects and theses. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, for example, has an extended essay component. The quality and complexity of the thesis can vary depending on the university and the program.


The Faculty of Science and Technology has specific requirements for graduation theses and the procedures for defending them. The requirements usually include knowledge of general research ethics and the ability to evaluate the intrinsic value of a research project. In some instances, there is only one faculty or institute responsible for the curriculum, and students will choose the supervisor and co-supervisor for their thesis project.

An excellent graduation thesis should have sufficient arguments and use side-by-side quotations and multi-party evidence. Unlike general papers, a thesis needs to use extensive argument material to back up its conclusions. It also needs to use a large amount of evidence. In addition, dissertation editing services must follow the instructions and format required for thesis-writing.

Students who are interested in the thesis option at the Graduate College are required to register for thesis course credit during the semesters and for thesis supervision during the summer. In addition, thesis committees must approve the preliminary form of the thesis. They must also be informed of any major changes to the thesis, and they must be recorded with the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies department prior to thesis defense. It is necessary to complete these revisions before the oral examination.

Students can review these requirements in the graduate school catalog. In addition, students must be aware of the deadline for the thesis. For instance, in the program of Applied Physics, the thesis committee chair will be the program’s faculty advisor. The second member will be affiliated with the program, and the third member will be a tenured or tenure-track faculty member from the program. The committees for graduate students are formal structures that are reviewed by the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies on a regular basis.

After completing all these formalities, students can begin work on their MS Thesis. They must complete the thesis proposal form, which describes the general topic of the thesis. This document must be approved by their thesis advisor, graduate advisor, and department chair. If their research involves human subjects, they must also obtain an exemption from the Texas State Institutional Review Board.


When you submit your graduation thesis to the Graduate School, you will be required to use a specific format. The Graduate School will not accept theses that do not conform to the required formatting standards. There are two main exceptions to this rule: footnotes and long quotations. These should be double-spaced, as should references and bibliography entries. Your thesis should be formatted to fit 8.5×11 inch paper, but if you are in the School of Architecture, you can format it for a bigger paper.

The Graduate School requires you to submit a hardcopy or electronic copy of your thesis or dissertation. To submit an electronic copy of your thesis, follow the guidelines on the Graduate College’s Forms Page. Your thesis or dissertation should be saved in searchable PDF format. The hardcopy title page should include the signatures of the thesis committee members. However, if you are submitting your thesis electronically, you do not need to include the signatures. Instead, you can type the names of the committee members into the appropriate spaces.

The bibliography is also an important part of your thesis. You should use a standard style manual to format references. The bibliography should begin on a new page, flush with the left margin. Your references should also be consistent throughout the thesis. You may also include appendices, which are optional. The heading for an appendix should match the chapter headings.


Students must submit a Notice of Intention to Submit Form when they wish to make revisions to their graduation thesis. This form is used by the Examiners to assess whether the changes made by the student are sufficient to bring the thesis to the standard required for a PhD. If the examination committee finds that the changes do not improve the quality of the thesis, they may recommend that it be resubmitted to the University for a second examination. This process can take up to 12 months. The University will notify the student in writing and provide revision advice. The deadline for resubmitting the thesis will be specified in the notice.

After the first submission, students often need to make formatting revisions to their graduation thesis. Although these revisions may delay the process, students are still able to graduate in the same term, as long as they meet the individualized deadline for submission. For example, a student may need to change the pagination of the thesis if the committee requests it. It is important to make sure that the committee’s approval is obtained before submitting the thesis.

A reverse outline can be useful for developing a new outline. It may be helpful to read your work out loud to make sure the final version is clear and well-organized. When making revisions to your thesis, make sure to include a brief explanation of the change. Once the editor has reviewed your document, he or she will notify you of the changes and whether they are acceptable or not.

After the completion of the formal review process, your thesis will be submitted to ProQuest’s graduation service. This process starts about three weeks after the end of the semester. ProQuest will communicate with you by email about the status of your submission and notify you of any format revisions. You should also unlock your submission for corrections. To do this, use the “Revise” link in the upper right corner of the homepage.


Graduate students need to meet a variety of deadlines in order to complete their degree programs. The First Submission deadline is one important date to meet. If you miss this deadline, your thesis or dissertation may not be reviewed. Once you have completed the First Submission, you must meet the Final Submission and Clearance deadlines in order to complete your program.

There is also a second deadline to consider. The June 8 deadline is designed for students who may not be able to meet the regular spring deadline. You will need to submit the thesis, approval sheet, and pass/fail form to the Graduate School by this deadline. If you miss the June 8 deadline, you will not receive any credit for your thesis. Alternatively, you can reschedule your thesis for the following semester.

In order to graduate on time, you must submit the final draft of your graduation thesis or dissertation to the Graduate School Thesis Center. Your ETD is reviewed by faculty members throughout the academic year and you should expect at least two rounds of revisions. If you miss either of these deadlines, your graduation date will be pushed back a semester. You can also request a late defense date.

Deadlines for graduation thesis and dissertation completion are closely related to the degree requirements. For example, doctoral students intent on receiving a degree must defend their thesis or dissertation by the deadline for the final exam. Similarly, master’s thesis students must complete the defense before the first submission deadline. Additionally, the committee must approve the dissertation before it can be submitted.

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