How to Take Your Patio Gaming to the Next Level


Your home’s patio can increase the amount of living expanse by establishing an outdoor space. That space will be even more useful if patio covers are included in your design plan. You provide the outdoor space a cover, giving you protection from the weather. With patio covers for your home in Katy, Texas, you can utilize your outside living space more frequently.

You’ll also be able to use the patio for the majority, if not all, of the year, depending on the Texan climate. This enables you to enjoy your backyard’s beauty whether you want to relax by yourself or host family and friends for outdoor meals or a private conversation in a shady spot.

When installed properly, a patio cover can aid in bridging the gap between your inside and outside rooms. All Things Outdoors has you covered whether you’re looking for custom patio cover ideas to take your patio game to the next level. 

Pergolas with Interesting Lighting Options

The great thing about patio covers is that they provide a framework for gas or electric heaters to be attached to in order to keep cool evenings warm enough throughout the night. Pergolas make for a perfect spot to hang pendant lighting.

If you need to be able to read at night, you can use two methods for lighting the outdoors. Consider chandeliers and wall sconces as examples of décor and ambiance as one tactic. The second type of lighting is for real task illumination, such as recessed cans in a built-in patio cover. Whatever alternative you decide on, it’s best to consider lighting options that are dimmable and switchable separately.

Outdoor Fabrics for Covers

A pergola over your patio could seem physically burdensome depending on your yard, but it can still work. Outdoor fabric over the top softens it, and tie-back drapery with an added accent, like edge banding, gives it an extra level of interest. And think about sheer-pleated outside fabric rather than staring up at a plain cloth covering.

Shade up with Umbrellas

Try to think about the location, how the sun reaches the patio and at what time, and the optimal use times while considering ideas for a covered patio. The covered patio doesn’t have to be fixed or immobile.

Perhaps having a foldable structure or a nomadic structure that can travel with the sun is the best option. For example, giant canvas umbrellas can be used to give the impression of an outside space for a midcentury home. Not only can it add dimension to your patio, but this may even offer flexibility to your design and provide shade from sun and shelter from rain.

Add a Trellis to Filter in Light

Adding a trellis to a patio is a good technique to help screen direct, natural sunlight. This is because it offers a thin mesh of shading, but not too much. Although it is quite established that a trellis is more of a decorative structure than a useful one. Still, consider constructing a lovely retractable awning above a trellis if you prefer it for its cosmetic qualities to offer more significant shading, if necessary.

Create a Living Room/Conversation Pit 

An outdoor space can be given a midcentury modern twist by having a sunken living room. The method is praised for its capacity to create a resort-like living environment, which can be enhanced by a patio cover made of hardy Brazilian Ipe wood and cantilevered roofs that offer shade from the sun. This design is applauded by interior designers themselves, and it’s a fun addition to your home that shows personality and so much character.

Dare to Take Steps for a Multi-level Patio

The steps themselves turn into furniture when a patio is raised. Additionally, elevating a terrace offers a better view while visitors take in the entire expanse of your garden. For best results, just make sure the patio is deep enough to accommodate all the furniture.

Transform Spaces into a Covered Patio

An outside space isn’t limited to being in front of a residence. Since the onset of the pandemic, gazebo-like structures and outdoor dining facilities quickly became fair game for meeting spots in side yards, front yards, and even roads. Use ceiling features like exposed beams to your advantage, especially if you want to add ambient string lights. Getting a custom patio cover will also add more character to the whole area, and you can choose the type and design of the fabric you want to use.

Can’t Go Wrong with the Classics

When designing an outdoor patio, look for something to highlight the entire home’s architectural features. Use the classic design element as a backdrop if the house already has one, such as columns. In addition to creating a dining space that is usable in rain or shine, adding a long table nods to a lunch out in the south of France or in the Mediterranean.

Up Your Patio Game with Customized Covers

Finding the best patio cover for your space can be a game changer, whether you have a compact outdoor space or a large backyard. A decent shaded location can offer the ideal spot for patio furniture if you’re thinking of throwing backyard parties and dining outside all summer long. One of the simplest ways to rapidly transform your yard on any budget is to cover your patio, especially if you incorporate some new planting ideas or comfortable extras like an outdoor fire pit or conversational pits. Keep this guide in mind when looking for patio covers in Katy, Texas

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