How To Fix Quiet Airpods

How To Fix Quiet Airpods?


AirPods are one of Apple’s most popular products. They are easy to use and work great! However, sometimes some issues need to be resolved. The common problem is that your AirPods are excessive or have low volume. Have you ever faced this problem? First of all, you should know that there is no single reason why your AirPods can be on low volume or mute. There could be many reasons, but you won’t know the exact reason without trying something else first, so we’ll cover it right now! Let us get to know Why are my Airpods Quiet.

AirPods contain dust or earplugs

First, most AirPods have small holes in the back that can allow dust and dirt to enter. Sometimes earwax can be a problem. So if you’re having issues with your AirPods being silent or not hearing correctly, take your AirPods out and take a closer look at the little holes behind each pod. Before using any other method, use a hair dryer to clean it first! You can also clean the headphones by wiping the AirPods with a tissue or paper towel. You don’t want wax getting inside your AirPods. Because the sound quality is poor, and the bass is also low!

iPhone volume limit

Some iPhones have the volume set to maximum, which can cause this problem. This setting is to protect your hearing. But to change this, go to “Settings” – “General” – “Accessories” and scroll down until you see the “Volume” threshold at the bottom. It’s not a problem if you’re using AirPods with an Android device, but most devices have a volume limiter to prevent hearing loss.

Bluetooth sync problem 

If your AirPods are having Bluetooth problems, ensure all settings are correct and paired successfully on both devices (iPhone/Mac or PC). To resolve the issue, you may need to disconnect and reconnect your AirPods from each device’s Bluetooth settings. Reddit users have reported an easy fix for this problem. With AirPods connected and music playing, turn the volume down to 0.Pair/unpair AirPods on the Bluetooth settings page and keep them to your ears. Play music through iPhone speakers and set the volume to 0. Reconnect the AirPods using both settings at volume 0 and increase the volume.

Make sure both AirPods have the same volume.

If the volume of one AirPod is significantly lower than the other AirPods, this may be why it appears quieter. You may have trouble syncing two AirPods at the same level. Take one out and put it back. Wait until both are connected to move to the next level! If one sound is louder than the other, the problem is solved! On your android phone, you can also adjust the balance of TheAirBudsPro.


Many people around the globe complain about this problem, but now it seems easier to resolve the problem by mentioned solution above.

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The first is probably the most basic but probably the most effective. A simple reset can usually solve all problems with AirPods. A reset will erase all existing data, including parts that may have errors or malfunctions, and the device will boot normally.

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