How to Build a Successful Marriage: Tips and Secrets from the Relationship Builders


When you think about marriage, what comes to mind? The word successful can have many connotations, including happiness, longevity, and joy. For anyone who has been through the ups and downs of marriage, they would agree that this kind of happiness takes work, sometimes even a lot of work. But at the end of the day, it’s the right kind of work if you are building a successful marriage based on mutual respect and understanding. Luckily, there are professionals out there who dedicate their lives to helping others achieve this kind of happiness—the Relationship Builders.

Talk about things before they become issues

When problems arise in marriage, couples often talk about them long after they have become serious issues. In some cases, it’s too late. At, we are big believers in talking things through when there is still time. Your partner wants you to be successful just as much as you do. By creating open lines of communication before issues arise, you can ensure your relationship remains strong for years to come!

Spend time together without technology

If you’re like most couples, you spend much of your free time on some sort of electronic device. Smartphones, computers and television dominate our free time, but research shows that face-to-face interaction is more important than ever. In fact, spending significant amounts of time in front of digital screens can actually make it harder for you to build a strong relationship. If you want to improve your marriage or just strengthen your current relationship, both partners should agree on one specific day each week that’s technology-free. This is especially effective if you have small children — having tech-free days can help build stronger bonds between all family members without adding unnecessary distractions.

Trust each other

When you first meet someone, there’s an unspoken contract between you. You look at them as your potential soulmate, and they look at you as their potential knight in shining armor. Of course, that doesn’t mean either of those are true (or even likely). Building trust with one another helps cement your relationship into something more solid. Showing your spouse that you trust them is an important step for moving forward with marriage. Even if it sounds silly or counter-intuitive (after all, how do I know if my spouse is trustworthy?), it can work wonders. Trust is necessary for any close relationship; without it, what have you got?

Never compare your spouse to others

You’re both unique. Focus on you, your spouse and your marriage. Be open with one another about how you feel—and be willing to let go of old hurts in order to move forward. Remember that at Gurulex we want our customers to fully succeed in every aspect of their lives, including building a long lasting, loving relationship with their significant other! Here are some tips and secrets for building a successful marriage…

Schedule date nights

That sounds overly simplistic, but it’s one of my favorite bits of advice. Don’t wait for your anniversary to take her out, buy her flowers (she likes daisies), or plan a surprise trip. Showing you care can be as simple as leaving a sweet note on her car before she heads off to work in the morning. What are some small ways that you can demonstrate your affection? Write them down; don’t just think about them. When was it last time that you had an argument with your spouse? If you are like most couples, I bet it has been quite some time now. You are always angry at something else in life these days and if not then maybe you do not really love your partner or wife anymore.

Celebrate everything, no matter how small

Relish in every milestone of your marriage, no matter how small. Happy moments or arguments that build trust should be celebrated. We love nothing more than celebrating an anniversary with a night out on our town or a trip away somewhere special. It’s not all about fancy dinners but little things, too. At gurulex we celebrate when all bills have been paid on time or when we’ve had success in business. Nothing is too big or small; if it’s important, it’s worth celebrating! When these occasions occur, embrace them, as they’re significant parts of building a successful relationship and life together—celebrate everything! Here’s too many more years of happiness for you both in all aspects of your lives…and especially your marriage! Enjoy each other!

Work as a team

Building a successful marriage is no small feat. But if you can get past all of its challenges, you will enter into one of life’s most amazing bonds. If you’re thinking about getting married—or have already tied the knot—the Relationship Builders (TB) want to share their secrets for creating an everlasting love! The heart of each chapter is filled with real-life stories and insights from married couples who’ve made it work, as well as expert perspectives on what makes relationships tick. So whether your dream is simply surviving for 50 years or thriving for 50 years, TB has some great ideas for how you can put relationship building at your fingertips.

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