Home Security and Insurance Discounts

Home Security and Insurance Discounts: How ADT Can Protect your Home


The world around us can be a challenge and a half to live with. Our homes are the sanctuaries where we disconnect from the world, stay with our loved ones, and keep many of our prized possessions. For something that means so much to us, it is important that it is protected. A home security system is the best option to choose to protect our homes. If you attempt to protect yourself further by getting insurance, having a home security system can help you get an insurance discount.

This article will talk about how this works and how ADT home security systems can be your best bet. Stick with us, we’re going to make a solid case for this.  

Making Sense Of Home Security

The importance of home security must not be overlooked. Having a home security system protects your home in different ways. For starters, they obviously help deter any possible crime. If an intruder feels brave enough, the different components in a home security system will get to work. This could be a door sensor, motion sensor, or glass break sensor.

Your security camera will monitor what is going on outside and this helps you have a video record of the things going on. When using something like an ADT home security system, you can use Google Nest cameras to do this. They come with cloud storage and remote access allowing you to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world.

Finally, home security systems help keep your family safe and secure. It protects what is important to you and this allows you to have a much needed peace of mind. Moreover, having a home security system can also have benefits beyond your home – insurance companies in this instance. 

Home Security And Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies play a pivotal role in many areas of life. Unbeknownst to many, several insurance companies will offer home security system owners a discount. Why? From an insurers point of view, someone with a home security system is less likely to need to actually use insurance. The home owner protects their home with a reduced need for an insurance company to pay out. This is known as an insurance discount. This discount varies from one insurance company to the next.

If you’re someone looking to get the best home security for a home along with insurance, consider ADT home security systems. Read on and find out what ADT is and how it could tie in perfectly with this.  

ADT Home Security – An Overview

When you hear the name home security, ADT is the first name that comes to mind. With a 140-year history, no one comes close in terms of experience and offerings. Keeping in line with technological innovations, ADT has created one of the smartest, most effective home security systems on offer. This makes them the ideal candidate for someone looking to protect their home.

An ADT home security system comprises of a control panel, different sensors, cameras, and smart home technology. Among the key components of an ADT home security system, you get:

·        A variety of sensors.  This includes window and door sensors, glass-break sensors, smoke detectors, motion detectors, and even a carbon monoxide detector.

·        Home security cameras. With an ADT home security plan, you can choose wireless and wired home security cameras. There is an option of an ADT security camera or a third party one like the Google Nest cam.

·        Smart home technology. The ADT home security camera systems are incredibly modular in nature. This aligns perfectly with different smart home tech such as smart locks, smart bulbs, and cameras.

If you’re wondering about the cost of an ADT home security system, we’ve got you covered. There are three ADT home security plans to pick from and we’ve listed them all for you:

ADT Home Security Plan


Plan Price

Equipment Rental Fee*

One-Time Equipment Fee


·        Intrusion detection

·        Touch screen panel

·        Voice control

·        24/7 monitoring

·        Service and repair warranty


Starts at $9.98/mo

$599 at the start


·        All the features of Secure

·        Smart home automation

·        Remote access


Starts at $15.32/mo

$919 at the start


·        All the features of Smart

·        Live HD video

·        Video clip storage


Starts at $17.82/mo

$1069 at the start

It is worth noting that each plan comes with a standard set of equipment i.e. sensors and control panel which this cost shows. If you want to add more equipment to your security equipment, this price will go up.

Speak with ADT customer service if you have any sort of questions regarding this. Ask them any and every question regarding this and they’ll find a way to help.

How Does ADT Protect Your Home

An ADT home security system is considered the best of home security. They do this by providing customers with different security solutions for their home. The most important features of an ADT security system include:

Intrusion Detection

Different sensors and cameras watch over and protect your home at all times. At the first sight of any peculiar activity, the alarm will go off. It is important to that you get the right combination of sensors and cameras to properly protect your home.

Video Monitoring

ADT security cameras watch over your home, inside and out. You can get just indoor cameras or outdoor cameras to get the best of both worlds. These smart security cameras allow you to watch your home from anywhere at any time.

24/7 Monitoring

Your ADT home security system is being monitored by professionals around the clock. If an alarm goes off at any time of day or night, a team will be on its way. Local authorities are also notified.

Smart Home Technology

By integrating smart home technology, you now have a smart home security system. Not only is your home protected, you can essentially automate the process along with other functionality. You can add smart locks, smart bulbs, smart cameras, and other tools to make it more effective.

Final Thoughts

Getting an ADT home security system is a no-brainer for anyone wanting to protect their homes. With top-notch services across the board, they do a great job of protecting your home. Seeing as your homes are in such safe hands, insurance companies will be more than happy to offer an insurance discount. Your insurance discount amount could range from 5% to 20% depending on your insurance company.

In order to get yourself set up for good, get in touch with ADT customer service today. Sign up, protect your home, and get a discount on an insurance premium all at the same time! 

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