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Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) is a superb supply of many nutrients and minerals even and additionally provide a few fiber and protein. Otherwise referred to as sunchoke or sunroot, it is not related to artichokes. Rather, Jerusalem artichoke is a member of the sunflower’s own family.

These artichokes look similar to knobby ginger roots. Their texture is like water chestnut whilst raw and white potato while cooking. Some call the flavor an aggregate of artichoke and potato, while others feel it tastes like chestnut.

Jerusalem Artichoke Nutrition Facts

One cup of Jerusalem artichoke (150g) gives 110 energy, 3g of protein, 26.1g of carbohydrates, and 0g of fats. Jerusalem artichoke is a high-quality source of iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. The following nutrition facts are provided via the USDA.


Over 90% of the calories in Jerusalem artichokes come from complicated carbohydrates. A one-cup serving offers approximately 10% of day-by-day fiber necessities.2 This root veggie is especially excessive in inulin, a fermentable fiber inside the fructan’s own family. You take Tadalista 40 and Tadalista 60 for treating men’s health issues.

One serving additionally contains 14 grams of natural sugar. Although this can appear excessive, the glycemic index of Jerusalem artichokes is low. Four This way they have got minimum effects on blood sugar, making them an awesome potato substitute for people with pre-diabetes or diabetes.


There is negligible fat in Jerusalem artichoke. This is helpful in case you observe a low-fat weight-reduction plan or any other consuming plan that limits your fat intake.


Jerusalem artichokes contain 3 grams of protein consistent with a cup of raw slices. So, just over 10% of its energy is in the form of protein.

Vitamins and Minerals

Jerusalem artichokes incorporate a variety of nutrients and minerals, significantly iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. You’ll additionally get a few vitamin C, an expansion of B nutrients, calcium, and a few other vitamins whilst you add this vegetable to your menu.

The iron in Jerusalem artichokes is non-heme iron (iron from a non-animal source). Eating foods rich in nutrition C—including peppers, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts—together with your Jerusalem artichokes will help maximize the absorption of this iron.


There is a hundred and ten energy in one cup of Jerusalem artichoke slices. This is more or less the same quantity of energy as in a one-cup serving of diced raw potato (118.4 calories),6 making them a fairly even switch calorie-wise.

Jerusalem artichoke is a wealthy supply of complex carbs and, even though excessive in herbal sugars, has minimal effect on blood sugar degrees. Jerusalem artichokes also provide a bit of protein, together with several vitamins and minerals.

Health Benefits

Several blessings come from consisting of Jerusalem artichokes for your weight loss program.

Improves Gut Health

The inulin fiber in Jerusalem artichokes is useful for gut health as it allows for regulating bowel characteristics at the same time as also performing as a prebiotic. Inulin stimulates the boom of useful microorganisms, such as Bifidobacterium.

This extended appropriate bacteria can, in turn, assist to lower the number of awful microorganisms within the gut and enhance the intestine microbiome. Maintaining a wholesome quantity of exact microorganisms is connected to reduced inflammation and stepped forward metabolism and immunity.

Assists With Blood Glucose Control

Inulin will also be beneficial for glucose metabolism. This is due to the fact inulin is a brief-chain carbohydrate that isn’t always metabolized and broken down into easy sugars like different carbohydrates, which means it no longer boosts blood sugar.

Some studies advocate that inulin can also assist decrease fasting blood sugar and reducing fasting insulin in people with type 2 diabetes.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Jerusalem artichokes are an awesome source of potassium, which helps alter blood stress and counteract the negative outcomes of sodium.10 High-potassium, low-sodium diets (which include the DASH food plan) are encouraged for lowering blood stress.

Reduces Cholesterol

The soluble fiber in Jerusalem artichokes can help decrease excessive LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.12 There is powerful proof that an expanded intake of foods high in soluble fiber is important to accomplishing and maintaining cardiovascular health.

Protects Against Cancer

When researchers studied the leaves of Jerusalem artichoke, they found 11 sesquiterpene lactones and two regarded flavones.14 Together, these compounds exhibited cytotoxic sports against most cancer cells. Put another manner, they assist to kill most cancer cells.

Though it’s far rare, some people are allergic to the inulin in Jerusalem artichoke (which is likewise located in chicory root).15 Currently, manufacturers most effective should list inulin as a “dietary fiber” in the aspect list. This could make it harder to recognize whether meals incorporate inulin or now not.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is thinking about more unique labeling of non-digestible carbohydrates. Sixteen In the meantime, in case you assume you may have an inulin hypersensitivity, speak to your medical doctor or an allergist for trying out and steerage.

Adverse Effects

Jerusalem artichoke is normally considered safe to consume.17 However, for a few humans, its high inulin content can cause digestive discomfort (the vegetable has recognition for inflicting lots of gasoline).

If this occurs to you, you could want to restrict how tons you eat, at the least until your frame receives used to it. Additionally, since it contains fructan, each person who’s fructan intolerant or on a low-FODMAP weight-reduction plan should avoid ingesting Jerusalem artichoke.


There is more than one form of Jerusalem artichoke. Among them are Stampede, Red Fuseau, White Fuseau, and Clearwater.18 Additional sorts include Mammoth, Columbia, LSD, and Oregon.19 Different varieties produce unique color tubers. Some tubers are white and some are red.

When It’s Best

Jerusalem artichokes may be determined during the autumn and winter months at farmer’s markets and maximum huge grocery stores within the refrigerated produce segment. Some specialty food stores may additionally have them to be had 12 months-round.

When shopping for fresh Jerusalem artichoke, select a tuber that isn’t always contracted and does not have quite a few cuts or bruises. Also, search for small holes as this may be a signal that pests are becoming into it. Avoid any with black spores on them, which may additionally indicate a fungus.

Storage and Food Safety

Jerusalem artichoke tubers like cool and humid environments. The perfect storage temp is around 32 tiers Fahrenheit and the perfect humidity stage is between 85% and 95%.

One way to attain this environment is to preserve them in a plastic bag for your basement. Jerusalem artichoke can remain for numerous months in those conditions.

If you shop them for your refrigerator, wrap them in a paper towel, region them in a plastic bag, and positioned them for your vegetable drawer. They will normally close between one and two weeks. Cooked Jerusalem artichokes have to be kept within the refrigerator and eaten up insidfor e multiple days.

While many meals may be frozen for longer storage, this isn’t recommended with Jerusalem artichoke. If you freeze them, they will begin to discolor and their texture changes as properly.

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How to Prepare

This root vegetable can be organized in the diffusion of methods. You can consume Jerusalem artichokes uncooked (thinly sliced), roasted, steamed, or boiled, mashed or pureed, and fried as chips.

Similar to potatoes, the skins are safe to eat and offer an extra supply of fiber. It is a non-public desire to consume them without or with skins; but, it’s miles advocated to trim off any visible strings or tough ends at the vegetable.

If the fiber in Jerusalem artichokes causes stomach disappointment, you could attempt these strategies to lead them less complicated to digest.

Eat them cooked. Eating Jerusalem artichokes raw will in all likelihood cause maximum inflammation. Steaming, boiling, pureeing them into a mash, or cooking them in a soup has to minimize GI signs.

Boil them in lemon juice. A centuries-vintage recipe calls for boiling Jerusalem artichoke in lemon juice to help wreck down the inulin.20 This will barely alter the taste, however, it can cause them to be simpler to digest in case you are consuming them in larger quantities. That being stated, you may not get as a lot of the beneficial effects of the inulin.

Pickle them. Pickling Jerusalem artichoke can also eliminate the gaseous consequences through the fermentation process.

Enjoy small quantities. Minimize the quantity of Jerusalem artichoke you eat in an unmarried sitting to assist build up a tolerance over the years. Inulin is good for you, however, there may be no need to overdo it all of sudden. Try creating a mixture of mashed sunchokes and potatoes to lessen the quantity in one component but still get some of the advantages.

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