Modular exhibition stand

Have the best to get the best at your showcase


Modular exhibition stand has many exceptional applications; they could take many unique forms. Want to make the best impact at your subsequent UK exhibition? The modular exhibition stand is a way to go. The exhibition wishes for every brand are very exceptional. ESS’s exhibition display stand is our most popular way to create the expert and dynamic area for your business.

Many manufacturers show off at more than one exhibition, and every display would possibly have barely exceptional goal audiences. Exhibition tendencies maintain converting as speedy as excessive road fashion. Technique, exhibition layout trends usually appear to the future, and exhibition stand designs appear young.

Brands are looking for a cost-powerful, flexible exhibition stand that could adapt to their exhibition wishes. Choose modular exhibition stands!

Why choose a Modular exhibition stand? 

  • Exhibitions need to consist of the modern-day era and tendencies to stand in competition. An exhibition stand design that can preserve visitor’s eye within budgets is a way to go. 
  • With a range of features, modular exhibition stands can be crafted to adapt without problems. 
  • At one display, you should aware of your efforts on merchandise to unveil new merchandise and offer demos. Display is a valuable data with a serious cognizance on imparting content that highlights the brand. 

Below we spotlight the benefits of a modular exhibition stand

Easy transport

Due to their compact packaging and smooth-to-deliver instances, modular stands are smooth to transport. These exhibition display stand is on hand and smooth to take while travelling. A modular stand is easy to move from one display to another without renting a car for your stand.

A cost-powerful solution

Hardware can reuse in future years, and you must pay for any new image prints you require.

Ease of assembly

The purpose modular stands get the name ‘modular’ is due to the benefit of collecting or dismantling them. A preparation booklet allows everyone to collect a modular stand without any preceding technical history or help. Suppose you select video instructions, even the ones furnished by the exhibition stand builders. Press-fit connectors and knobs are used for their build, set-up and dismantling are smooth to learn.

Investment into the future showing

Modular exhibition stands are an excellent way to make investments in the future, showing off your brand. A modular stand, can be used, again and again, to help your showing efforts and sell your brand. You can use a modular stand to achieve leads for your brand at an exhibition over the year. Purchasing an exhibition stand is out of question as you can rent the one. A modular exhibition stand presents a cost-powerful way to show your brand at an exhibition. Choice could match any business, irrespective of its services or products.


The prices you incur for converting your image or incorporating attachments or extensions will be marginal. With organizations shifting toward exhibition answers that are sustainable and cost-green for the business, we at ESS provides modular stand. Stands that offer you the perks of modular or custom exhibition stand without drawbacks.

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