Gynecomastia surgery in Lahore

Gynecomastia surgery in Lahore |Surgery to fix Male Breast in Lahore

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Surgery for gynecomastia

This surgery is for men with too much skin, fat, or breast tissue with glands. The most challenging part of Gynecomastia surgery in Lahore is the extra skin since most people want to avoid a long scar from removing the skin. Over time, men getting surgery to treat gynecomastia have steadily increased. Men are getting plastic surgery more and more to change the size and shape of their chests. Changes in hormones during puberty relate to boys’ growth of breast tissue. Some women’s breast size goes down after puberty, but it doesn’t happen to all of them. As many as 70% of men between 50 and 69 have gynecomastia that doesn’t cause any symptoms. This compares 60% to 90% of children and 50% to 60% of teenagers.

Best Candidate

True (glandular) gynecomastia is common in boys ages 14 to 16. Most of the time, this problem goes away after a year or two, when the hormonal changes of puberty are over. We are sometimes asked to look at a boy with the best Gynecomastia surgery in Lahore to see if it affects him mentally or socially. If it is, and a pediatrician agrees, we will offer surgery.

Many men who use anabolic steroids end up with gynecomastia. Most of the time, you can tell if a patient is “juiced” just by looking at them, and it is surprising how often they still deny using steroids. We wouldn’t want to offer surgery to someone still taking steroids because they are likely to form more glands if they keep taking them, and their breast growth may go away if they stop taking them.

Pseudo-gynecomastia is breasts enlargement caused by too much fat or skin. If you are a little bit overweight or were overweight in the past, you will have too many of these tissues. All three tissues problem need to repair with unique methods.

Consultation Essentials

It’s essential to bring your full medical and surgical history to the consultation, especially information about the drugs you’ve taken and any urology or endocrinology talks you’ve had. We must ensure that an underlying hormonal problem does not cause your gynecomastia. Images or biopsy reports from the past can also be helpful, significantly if only one breast affect.

Gynecomastia surgery costs

At our Lahore Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic, the costs for Gynecomastia surgery in Lahore surgery range from PKR 65,000 for “puffy areola surgery” to PKR 150,000 for mastopexy in patients who have lost a lot of weight. Most people should expect to pay 50,000 to cover the cost of liposuction, which is a necessary part of safe and effective gynecomastia surgery.

Getting ready for surgery

Before surgery, you need to be healthy and have a stable weight. It’s easy to put on your bandages and compression vests.

The Procedure

A local anesthetic apply for small procedures. A 1-2 cm cut at the edge of the areola create to remove the gland. This cut is very tiny. It can be eliminated if there is a lot of extra skin.

Risks and Safety

Bleeding is a risk after gland removal, so you shouldn’t move your chest much (no arm or chest exercises) for ten days.

The healing process

Pain after surgery doesn’t happen very often. Dressings are easy to put on because they are consist of pads held in place by a compression vest. Most people will be back at work in four days, and they may be able to play sports again in three weeks.


You can expect to feel better right away after surgery. Still, you may not be able to see the final cosmetic result for up to a year once the scar has healed and the redness has gone away. Gynecomastia surgery is one of the best and most satisfying surgeries we do.

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Bottom Line

We have everything you need to fix gynecomastia in Lahore. We can do surgery in a hospital for people with health problems or other complications that would help by an overnight stay. Our experience taking care of people who have lost a lot of weight has taught us how to handle problems with too much skin. Come in for a consultation, and you’ll leave wiser and maybe even set up for a positive change.

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