Everything You Should Know About Dental Night Guards

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Do you grind your teeth at night? Well, you are not alone! Many people struggle to get a night of sound sleep, simply because they have a habit of grinding their teeth. But, do you know that this habit of yours can land you with damage to the enamel of your teeth? Studies revealed that day-teeth clenching has increased from 16% to 33% while night-teeth clenching has gone up from 11% to 35%. The constant grinding or clenching of teeth has become quite common among people these days and the major cause of all this is stress. Well, this condition is called bruxism. Dealing with bruxism is quite challenging, however with the help of the right dental care in Richmond Hill you can get better solutions to overcome the negative effects of bruxism. Wondering, how? The best way to do so is by using Night guards.

What Is A Night Guard?

Night Guards are plastic shield that is used to protect the teeth from any sort of damage. The retainer-like piece comes in both hard and soft material and mainly covers the biting surfaces of the teeth. The night guards are also known as bite guards or mouthguards and are commonly used to protect against the effects of teeth grinding and bruxism. In short, they provide cushioned barriers that stop the grinding of teeth. Not just that, the mouthguards are also used for sports players during the activities like – skating, football, and more.

Benefits Of Using Night Guards

Prevents Headaches

Do you always wake up with a bad headache? One of the common signs of temporomandibular disorders is a headache. A night guard provided by your dentist in Richmond Hill will help in taking away those pains and aches.

Reduces Pain and Tension

If you are facing severe sensitivity and pain because of bruxism, then night guards can surely help in alleviating the pain and tension so created in the muscle. This includes – neck pain, muscle fatigue, muscle spasms, and more. By wearing the night guards, you will notice these symptoms.

Prohibits Snoring

Teeth grinding and clenching usually result in snoring. So, wearing the best night guards in Richmond Hill can help in separating the jaw, then allowing you to breathe easily, thereby preventing snoring.

Prevents Tooth Damage

Teeth grinding and clenching result in teeth damage that can result in broken teeth, chipped teeth, damage to fillings, and excessive wear. By using a night guard, you can prevent direct contact with the lower and upper jaw, thereby reducing the possibility of these teeth problems.

Cost-Efficient In The Long Run

We all know teeth repair and maintenance are expensive. By regular grinding and clenching of the jaw, the teeth start destroying slowly. This means that you will be requiring more frequent visits to your dentist in Richmond Hill. However, if you consult a reputed dentist, then you can get customized night guards fit to alleviate the damage.

Types Of Night Guards In Richmond Hill

Dual Laminate 

These are usually recommended for patients who have moderately severe grinding. In dual laminate, you will get a texture that is hard on the outside but soft inside. These last quite longer than the soft ones as they are slightly thicker.

Soft Night Guards

One of the most commonly used night guards is the soft one. These are used by patients with mild grinds. They are comfortable and cost quite less than other types of guards. But, on the downside, it has a limited period.

Hard Night Guards

The super durable and rigid, hard night guards are used by people who face severe grinding, clenching, and TMJ. Also, they are thicker than the soft night guards, so they can get a little uncomfortable to wear them for longer durations.

How Long Do Dental Night Guards Last?

Well, if you can get the exact answer for this by consulting the best dental clinic in Richmond Hill. Your dentist will create a plan to track progress and based on each progress you can estimate the durability of the night guard. Usually, the night guard can last between one to ten years. Keep in mind, the more you will wear the night guard, the more it will wear off. If you wish to know the exact worth and need of dental night guards, then you can discuss the details with your dentist in Richmond Hill.

Get Dental Night Guards In Richmond Hill
Getting night guards is a quick and simple procedure. If you want to know more about the process of night guards and their importance for your teeth, then you can consult Viva Dental Care to get the best dental care in Richmond Hill. Explore their dental services and get the top dental treatment near you directly from expert dentists. Book your appointment today! Keep smiling always!

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