How to Draw A Cartoon Cookie

How to Draw a Cartoon Cookie A Step-by-Step Manual


How to Draw a Cartoon Cookie A Step-by-Step Manual

How to Draw a Cartoon Cookie. Sometimes you need a tasty treat to reward yourself for various daily challenges, and everyone has their favorite treat! Some are more popular than others, and the cookie is an example of a candy gold standard. These treats come in wide varieties, so there is something for everyone! 

Learning to draw a cartoon cookie is the only thing more pleasing than eating! This is the goal that we will tackle in this guide before you. We’ll show you everything you need to make it that much easier. So grab your favorite cookie and get ready to follow this step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon cookie in just 7 easy steps!

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How to Draw a Cartoon Cookie – let’s Get Initiated!

Step 1

We will start this guide on how to draw a cartoon cookie with the outline of the cookie itself! It can be tempting to go for a perfect circle for this outline, but we’ll go for a more rough outline instead. This will give the cookie’s shape a more realistic textured feel, as shown in the reference image. This somewhat jagged outline gives it that texture we mentioned. Once the round shape is complete, go to step 2.

Step 2

There is an intense debate about which cookie flavor is the best, and everyone has their ideas. Some like raisins, others like chocolate chips, but we’ll choose the latter option in this cartoon cookie drawing! We’ll draw these sparks using some small shapes that have some angular edges. Try to leave the cookie’s center part clean, as we’ll be adding a funny face there soon!

Step 3

Before we add that face we mentioned in the previous step, we’ll first add some arms. These will have curved lines coming out of the sides of the cookie to form the skinny arms themselves. We will then give this cookie a classic cartoon look while adding some gloves. 

Each one will have a rounded edge where the hands enter, and then we’ll use curved lines to represent the fingers. That’s all there is to do for this step, and then we’re ready for step 4 of the guide.

Step 4

Directly it’s a moment to add some legs and paws to this cartoon cookie drawing! The legs will look very similar to the arms. That means we’ll extend some curved lines down from the base of the cookie body. This will result in some shoes being drawn using curved and rounded lines. As shown in the reference image, the shoes will be facing out. Then we can start adding her face in the next step!

Step 5

We can finally add a face to this cookie in the next step. First, we will draw the eyes. Use some oval shapes for the eyes and add some smaller ovals filled with black. Then we’ll add curved eyebrows above the eyes to finish the expression. 

For the mouth, we’ll use a curved line for the smiling mouth and then some more rounded lines for the open mouth and the tongue underneath. Once you’ve drawn these facial details, we’ll add the finishing touches to the next step of the guide, so let’s proceed!

Step 6

It’s almost time for the final step of the guide, but first, we need to add some finishing touches! We’ll add some simple but effective textural details to the body of this cookie now. To do this, add some trim, rounded dots, and shapes to the cookie’s surface to give it a more grainy texture. 

Then it’s up to you to finish this image! This is where you can have fun getting creative with it, and this is where you can take control and add your creativity. Some idea would be to draw a background, and if you did, maybe you could add something else. Live food and drink! What kind of fun scenarios can you think of for this image?

Step 7

Here we are at the final step of this guide on drawing a cartoon cookie, and now we can finish your creation with some color! We’ve kept the colors a bit more muted and realistic in our example image, and this gives you a way you can color your own. 

We used light browns for the cookie itself and dark browns for the sprinkles and other aspects. You can also add colorful touches like colored sprinkles to the cookie by coloring yours! For a bit of depth, you can also use thick splatters of paint on the boats, so they extend off the page a bit.

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