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Overall Cost To Develop an On-demand App Like Gojek


Developing an on-demand app is not difficult if you have the right resources to launch it on the iOS and Android App Store. A white-labeling firm is a resource we are talking about. So, before you start with the demo app trials and purchase it without researching enough, read this blog. We will walk you through the cost of developing a multi-service app like Gojek. 

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Factors Affecting the Cost of App Development 

Several factors affect the cost of app development. However, a single factor is not solely responsible for the increase in the cost, but several of them combined. 

  • Type of application: native or hybrid app? 
  • Maintenance and enhancements: developing the app isn’t enough. You have to maintain it and make enhancements over time. 
  • The number of platforms: the number of platforms you want to launch the app also impacts the cost of development. 
  • The complexity of the app: complexity is one of the major factors responsible for the increase in the app development cost. 
  • Back-end infrastructure: integration of third-party services also elevates the development costs. 

These are only a handful of factors to determine the cost of developing an app like Gojek. Moving on, let’s understand how much it costs to develop a fully-fledged app. 

Want to Develop the App from Scratch or Buy a Ready-made Solution? 

If you want to build the app from scratch, you are making a mistake. It takes at least US$250,000 to build a fully-fledged multi-service app from scratch because it includes a lot of expenses. To give you an idea, here are some of the essential expenditures you need to incur: 

  • Buy or rent the office space 
  • Hire and train human resources
  • Retain the employees by providing them with monthly salaries, incentives, bonuses, etc. 
  • Purchase electronic assets 
  • Purchase expensive software licenses

All of the mentioned expenses and others together make developing the app from scratch expensive. 

On the other hand, developing an app like Gojek with a ready-made solution is much easier. Moreover, the cost of development is minimal. How? The entrepreneurs only need to purchase the clone app script, that’s available at only a fraction of the cost to develop the app from scratch. 

Purchasing the clone app script will save you from: 

  • Investing in a physical office 
  • Hiring and retaining employees 
  • Purchasing expensive licenses and other electronic assets 
  • Paying six-figure salaries to dedicated employees 
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How to Find a Ready-made Gojek Clone? 

Search for a perfect and well-established white-labeling firm if you want to purchase the best ready-made app like Gojek. A white-labeling firm is where you can find the pre-built apps. The firm has already designed, developed, and launched the applications. Therefore, you know that they are professionals. 

However, if you still want to shortlist the best mobile app development firm, here is something that can help you. 

  • Check the experience: it should have at least ten years of experience in the industry. 
  • The number of apps launched: the firm must have launched 1200+ apps. 
  • Time-to-market: the time to market should be 1 to 2 weeks only. 
  • Licensed source code: they should provide you with a lifetime licensed source code for one domain. 
  • Part-payment: yes! The option for part-payment or Payment Milestone should be available. 

In Conclusion: 

To sum up, the overall cost of developing Gojek Clone depends on the type of development process you want to undertake. Launch the multi-service app in your region and become an industry leader. Get in touch with the white-labeling experts, and they will tell you how to launch an app like Gojek! Make the best use of your money, time, and efforts to establish a multi-billion dollar firm. 

Become rich and successful quickly!

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