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VIEFFE – CONTROSOFFITTI is a company with more than 40 years experience in sales and installations Materials used in the construction of drying equipment. Professionalism and competence are the basic characteristics of the company, which has managed to specialize in the fields of fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to its qualified personnel.

Vieffe Srl is engaged in the supply of plasterboard, mineral fibers, mineral wool, calcium silicate, fiber cement and fire protection systems, as well as the installation of false ceilings, walls, partitions, intersections and pipe protection.

With high quality and state-of-the-art tools, we specialize in applying recessed lights and spotlights for any type of false ceiling. With the experience and design expertise that have differentiated Vieffe Srl since its inception, Vieffe Srl is able to provide the most suitable solution for any type of demand.

Passion for our work

Welcome to our new “home”! It’s not easy to talk about your company without getting carried away with enthusiasm, and 40 years of activity has seen slow but continuous fundamental change in the society we live in, and so again, in the markets in which we continue to operate.

I remember, as if today, the difficulty of presenting “foreign” products such as plasterboard in a market accustomed only to masonry … Yet, year after year, I see this technology in all its mandatory applications how it evolved.

I always remember the amazement of the first clients who saw how their wishes were realized in a very short time: perfect details, incredible masonry solutions, comfort and extremely low costs!

We have therefore created the current commercial structure: a structure in which industry operators and their own customers can find both traditional products and market novelties, because it should be said again and again that the search for new materials and new installation methods never stops.

Today, our clients are craftsmen, designers, architects, companies operating on a large scale (also abroad!), we have become a point of reference for everyone, because together we find the most suitable solution for any type of architectural need .

Our commitment is to supply materials of the highest quality and always innovative, so that our customers see us not only as a supplier of sterile materials, but as a ready, responsive and reliable partner. Our motto? “Grow together”.

False ceilings in wood, metal, etc. in Piedmont

Vieffe Srl is a progressive company in the manufacture of false ceilings using wood, metal and other materials. Style and elegance are always the basis of all our activities. modular wood ceiling As the most natural and beautiful interior decoration material, wood is the best choice for your special project.

The modular system of lamination and veneer, with different essences, makes this type of false ceiling a new option for special environments, meeting rooms, reception areas, shops and restaurants.

Different types of perforations for better acoustic performance, different types of fastening systems, with visible structures, miniature-looking versions with hidden structures, which can become another element of furniture and elegance even if the structure is visible.


Via Orbetello, 119 – 10148 Torino, TO

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