Revision Tips for CMA Final Subjects

CMA Final Subjects: 3 Times Revision Tips for Dec 2022 Exams


The CMA final exams are among the toughest exams in India. The exams are conducted twice a year. Last time, in the turn of events, the exams for CMA were conducted online from July 31 to August 07, 2022. However, the delay in CMA Final June 2022 Result Date has made students unhappy and led them to protest online.

According to the latest news, the ICMAI may declare the CMA Final June 2022 result date soon. And the results are expected to be declared before 30 Sept.

There are many students whose papers are not gone as desired. But, they don’t have to be disappointed as CMA is not an easy exam. And, they must have understood that it is not easy to crack CMA, and they need to put in a lot of hard work and effort to qualify.

So, this article is specially made for the students who have already given the papers in the last attempt but could not clear it. Here we will share the study plan to revise the syllabus, as you might have studied everything already.

Hence, VSI brings CMA final subjects study plans for revision to help students prepare for the CMA final in both grades.

What is the Best Time to Study for CMA Exams?

The human brain function well in the hours of dusk, which means early in the morning. So it is best to study for 6-7 hours in the morning when brain focus is good. Further, sit for 5-6 hours in the afternoon to complete the revision.

Moreover, you must complete your CMA final syllabus by the end of September to begin 1st revision in October.

CMA Final 1st Revision Plan

Before starting the first revision, gather all your CMA Final books and study material with which you have prepared for the exams. We advise students to revise from these materials only and don’t pick some books.

The summary notes you made during your study and reading will be beneficial during the first revision. At this point, use the notes you made while preparing for CMA exams. Solve RTP, MTP, and previous year’s papers.

As less time is left, you must dedicate 13 hours to revision daily. There is a total 8 number of subjects in the CMA final group 3 subjects and group 4 subjects. Moreover, you must commit 45-50 hours per subject.

Study plan for CMA Final subjects revision 1:

Date3 hours Daily10 hours daily
01-05 OctoberLawSFM
06-10 OctoberLawSFM
11-15 OctoberLawDirect tax
16-20 OctoberCost AuditCFR
21-25 OctoberCost AuditIndirect Tax
26-30 OctoberCost AuditSPM.BVM

CMA Final Second Revision Plan-

During the second revision, you don’t need to study from the CMA Final books. Just focus on the study notes you have prepared. However, you can take references from the CMA Final study materials of ICMAI.

For the second revision, you need to dedicate 14 hours to your study daily. There are 08 subjects in CMA Final group 3 and group 4, so you need to reserve 42 hours per subject during the second revision.

Study plan for CMA Final subjects revision 2-

Subjects14 hours daily
31 October-02 NovemberLaw
03-05 NovemberSFM
06-08 NovemberCFR
09-11 NovemberIndirect tax
12-14 NovemberSCM
15-17 NovemberCost Audit
18-20 NovemberDirect Tax
21-23 NovemberSPM.BVM

CMA Final third revision plan-

The third revision will be crucial as the exams are near. You also need to take care of your health and mind. Further, allot 14 hours per subject during 3rd revision.

With a total of 08 subjects, you need to allot 21 hours per subject during the third revision period. Additionally, go through the notes taken during the second revision, and solve previous papers and mock tests.

Study plan for CMA Final subjects revision 3:

Subject14 hours daily
24-25 NovemberLaw
25-26 NovemberSFM
27-28 NovemberCFR
28-29 NovemberIndirect Tax
30 November-01 DecemberSCM
01-02 DecemberDirect Tax
03-04 DecemberCost Audit
04-05 DecemberSPM.BVM

After you’ve finished revision three, start preparing for Law, as this will be the first exam.

Preparation Tips For CMA Final Subjects

  1. The ability to focus is the primary aspect of learning. Try to eliminate all sorts of distractions while studying. Turn off your phone, music, TV, or any type of noise during that period.
  2. Set your priorities and goal straight. To cover all CMA Final subjects during the revision period, you need to dedicate time to your studies, even if it means cutting off family events for a while.
  3. Studies have proved that a dedicated workplace enhances our brain function and indicates it increases productivity. Further, make a study place in your room or anywhere in your home where you can sit comfortably to study.
  4. Allot a time for each CMA Final subject. Dig deeper into the concepts and subjects.

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Follow these CMA revision plans while making sure you do as it says. Consistency, hard work, and patience will help you reach your goals. For any assistance with CMA, VSI Jaipur can help you with CMA preparation. We wish you all the luck for CMA final exams.

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