Cloud Kitchen Dubai Trends to Look Forward in 2022

Cloud Kitchen Trends to Look Forward in 2022

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Cloud kitchens gained popularity during the pandemic because they required a minimum amount of human contact for dining. There are various names for it. Cloud Kitchen Dubai, ghost kitchen, dark kitchen, or dark cloud kitchen, whatever you may call it, the concept behind them all is the same. It’s a delivery-only restaurant that offers food with no dine-in place.

The increasing trend of cloud kitchens has promoted investors to make shared kitchen spaces for multiple individuals or companies to use simultaneously. These kitchens are fully kitted with complete cloud kitchen software for ease and increased functionality. A cloud kitchen management system includes all modules required for a fully functional restaurant, from online ordering to online delivery. So if you are thinking of opening a cloud kitchen in Dubai, then getting a cloud kitchen system will be a good investment.

Cloud Kitchen Dubai is a popular idea these days amongst both diners and chefs because of its ease. There are many ex-pats living in Dubai and looking for commercial and easy ways to eat, and the idea of a ghost kitchen Dubai is appealing.

Cloud Kitchen Dubai Trends to Look Forward in 2022

Cloud Kitchen Trends In 2022

Everything has advanced, most of all technology. Concepts based on technology have been progressing in leaps and bounds. The idea of dark kitchens is all one such concept. In 2022, the cloud kitchen industry is expected to increase exponentially, and here are the trends to look forward to.

1.   Increasing Competition

The trends of the world have changed, nowadays both spouses in a couple, leaving no kitchen time. This is where cloud kitchens have been making the breakthrough. It is not convenient to visit a brick-and-mortar restaurant every day. What can be more convenient than having your favorite food delivered to your doorstep at reasonable charges? This is why cloud kitchens have become more successful; hence, the competition has increased.

2.   More innovations and more investment

Cloud kitchens are based on technology. It is impossible to run a cloud kitchen business without a proper cloud kitchen management system. These softwares will be subject to more innovations, leading to more investment. What started as an innocent dark kitchen has now ended into a gigantic industry that houses all sectors.

3.   The new concept of co-working spaces

With cloud kitchens came the new concept of co-working spaces. This collaboration has taken a new trend and is expected to rise in the ghost kitchen industry and across all platforms.

4.   Increased flexibility

Cloud kitchen systems use leveraging technology like POS Software, allowing them to update menus easily. You can add or delete an item. It is easy to update new promotions and deals.


According to Business Wire, the value of the global cloud kitchen market reached a whooping US$ 56.71 Billion by the end of 2021 and is expected to reach US$ 112.53 billion in the next five years, exhibiting a CAGR of 11.50% during 2022-2027.

The Cloud Kitchen UAE industry alone is expected to reach US$ 71.4 billion by 2027. Dubai currently has 400 working ghost kitchens. This is a high number. The industry of dark kitchens Dubai is on the rise and expected to bloom further. y

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