Best Laptop for 2022: The 14 Laptops We Recommend


It’s not simple to choose a new laptop, whether it’s for work, home, or school. Many nice laptops are available that deliver dependable performance, but how can you tell which models stand out? Well, CNET’s ranking of the best laptops for 2022, which includes our top selections in terms of brands, operating systems, price ranges, and categories, is a terrific place to start. The newest chips from Intel, AMD, and Apple’s new M2 chips have been added to several of the 2021 models for 2022.

Best laptops 2022

Apple MacBook Air M2

With one exception, the 2022 model of the MacBook Air retains its top ranking as the most widely applicable laptop in Apple’s portfolio thanks to a redesigned design, a larger display (13.6 inches as opposed to the previous 13.3 inches), a faster M2 CPU, and a long-awaited improvement to a higher-res webcam. A letdown is the $1,199 starting price for the MacBook Air, which is $200 more than the standard $999 starting price. Because of this, the M1 version of the Air still has a place on our list of the greatest laptops. Even yet, we are fans of everything else about it, making it our top pick if you’re thinking about buying an Air and don’t mind spending more money.

Dell XPS 13

For its size, weight, performance, and all-around nice aesthetics, the Dell XPS 13 is a steadfast favourite. Dell reduced the size and weight of the XPS 13 for 2022 while maintaining its sub-$999 starting price and adding the newest 12th-gen Intel processors. Although there is no headphone jack, a USB-C adapter is provided in its place, and the battery life is excellent, the design is still fantastic.

HP Pavilion Aero 13

HP crammed a lot of value into the Aero 13: a gorgeous magnesium-aluminum body, potent processing power, lengthy battery life, a brilliant, colourful display, and a weight of just 2 pounds (0.94 kilograms). Amazingly, despite all of its features, the beginning price is less than $700.

Apple MacBook Air M1 2020

Although the newer, larger, and better M2 MacBook Air is available, the M1 MacBook Air—one of the first to migrate from Intel to Apple silicon—is still in production, which is a good thing. It continues to be our go-to pick for a MacOS laptop for everyday use as Apple’s entry-level laptop. It is a good option for work or school because of its strong performance and lengthy battery life of up to 18 hours.

Acer Chromebook Spin 714

With the Spin 713, one of the top Chromebooks on the market in 2021, Acer has now replicated that success with the Spin 714. The premium two-in-features one’s don’t differ significantly from those of its predecessor, but Acer did make some adjustments to keep it competitive, like as adding a USI pen that can be charged and stored inside the 714’s body. Although there are less expensive options, this is the Chromebook you want if you want one that will endure for years. Watch for a discount on this one: Although it usually costs $729, it is regularly discounted to $579.

Dell Inspiron 16 Plus

Since the laptop is only slightly larger than a 15.6-inch model, the 16-inch display on the Dell Inspiron 16 Plus is a terrific size, giving you extra workspace as well as a larger keyboard and touchpad. For this Inspiron, Dell incorporated high-performance components such a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia discrete graphics, and a display that fully complies with the sRGB colour gamut. The fit and finish of the laptop are higher quality than what we typically see in the Inspiron brand.

Razer Blade 14

The AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX, one of the fastest mobile CPUs available (at least for the time being), and the GeForce RTX 3070 or 3080, the best mobile graphics available, are both included in the Razer Blade 14. Its display can match the MacBook’s pixel for pixel. Even when compared to other high-end laptops, despite its high-quality build being on pace with the greatest MacBooks, it may not be the best laptop deal.

Dell XPS 17 9720

The XPS 17 offers greater performance potential while maintaining the same premium, sleek style of its 13-inch linemate. It may be set up with a 6GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics chip, 64GB of memory, and an Intel Core i9 processor that is up to generation 12. The greatest part: Dell significantly reduced the size of the chassis, allowing you to fit a 17-inch display into a frame that is comparable to an earlier 15-inch laptop. A large screen and a lot of power are combined into the lowest possible form factor.

Which laptop is the best for producing or playing games?
Any laptop can be used to generate content and play games. The components inside the laptop will have a significant impact on the games you play, the content you produce, and the speed at which you do each task.

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