Best Apps For Preschoolers

Best Apps For Preschoolers


Preschoolers have to go through a tough phase at a young age. Parents and teachers put their best efforts so that their kids can learn quickly. Kids, especially preschoolers, have the advantage of learning things at a great pace. While parents and teachers try their best, there are other platforms where preschoolers can get knowledge of the things they need. These platforms include:

  • Apps
  • Games
  • Readings
  • Practice
  • role-play

In this article, we will talk about 8 different best apps for preschoolers and how parents and teachers can use these apps at home or school to make their kids learn vocabulary and important knowledge of early things.


The most important apps that are in wide use are:

  1. 3 Letter CVC Words Formation
  2. Busy shapes
  3. Moose math
  4. Toca nature
  5. Alphabets Vocabulary for Kids
  6. Homer reading learn to read
  7. My play home
  8. Hopscotch

The above-mentioned apps are some of the best apps for preschoolers around the world. The apps named in 1&5 are our company’s apps which provide unique features and knowledge to the kids. 

3 Letter CVC Words Formation

3 Letter CVC Words Formation

3 Letter CVC Words Formation This app contains some very unique features that parents can use to make their children get to know the 3 letter words with pictures. The app deals with kids under ages 3-6 (kindergarteners). 

In this “CVC Three 3 Letter Word” App, we have searched and filtered maximum suitable words and compiled them into ONE interactive learning app. This app is primarily good for kids, and this is made for teaching effectively and collectively in the classroom. Parents can use this app to reinforce the basic concepts to their kids at home.

This app also saves the time and cost of the user. Instead of printing, there are repeated animations that a kid can watch to learn vocabulary with a head start.  

The app is very simple to use. It starts with one of 14 provided categories (Collection of AT, OT, ED Words, etc.), and a basic animation is shown how A & T combine to form “At.” Below you can find the possible letter combinations for drag and match to form the CVC word.

As soon as the word is formed and spoken, a corresponding image is shown for better understanding and teaching assistance.

The continuous practice of all the words in each category makes the teacher and parent confident about introducing maximum words. 


Some salient features of our app are as follows:

  • 14 Categories 84 Essential Words
  • Teacher Proofread Content
  •  High-Quality Images
  •  Studio Quality Voiceover
  •  Stars for progress tracking
  •  Interactive & Animated
  •  Clean & Attractive Interface

It is a must-have educational app, and it provides a user-friendly experience for users. This app also improves the vocabulary of a kid and promotes phonetic learning. This is the main reason it is considered one of the best apps for preschoolers. 

Alphabet Vocabulary For Kids

Alphabet Vocabulary For Kids

Alphabet vocabulary for kids This app is for 1-4 year kids. The idea behind this app is to introduce essential objects and their names to kids. They remember the names of objects by looking at them and hearing the sound of the object, which increases their vocabulary. Kids can learn vocabulary with a knowledge of shapes and letters. 

This app is a colorful and mesmerizing app for kids consisting of 26 letters of the English alphabet. It enables them to recognize and name the letters and the sounds they make by looking at some interesting objects. An ideal feature of this app is that early learners can recognize alphabets both in capital and small letters with related words. 

Alphabets Vocabulary Book is the only best resource available in the store, comprising up to eight vocabulary words of every letter for kindergarten students. The app is provided with easy navigation and attention-grabbing animations.


Some of the best features of this app are as follows:

  • Four carefully selected Fonts for memorizing alphabets’ shapes
  • Up to 8 vocabulary words for every letter 
  •  Objects Sound Effects
  •  Available in five different languages.
  •  Zero distraction of any user interface controls
  •  Carefully selected colors
  •  Soft background music option
  •  High Definition content for retina display
  •  Swipe left / right gesture to navigate between letters

This app is also available in 5 languages, including English, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. Every language has its rhythmic alphabet song. Not only that but this melodious and rhythmic alphabet song also highlights every alphabet letter as it goes. That is why this alphabet song creates interest and keeps the kids involved in learning alphabet letters in sequence. 

Other Apps

Apart from these two apps, there are some more considerable and best apps for preschoolers. 

Apps for preschoolers give a wide range, but how to decide which apps to download? This quick review will give users wide choices of apps to download. Some of these apps will give the user a better experience of the things they need to learn. 

These apps include:

  1. Hungry caterpillar play school
  2. Fabulous 
  3. Alphatots

Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Parents need to know that Hungry Caterpillar Play School is a subscription-based early-education app for kids ages 2 to 6. This app contains puzzles, games, characters in songs, and many more. A brief video for parents is available that shows them how to access the content when offline. 

Families can talk about the activities their kids enjoy at  Hungry Caterpillar Play School. Ask them why they like the games that they play most. Play some of the games with them that they seem to ignore or avoid.


Parents need to know that this is a Spanish app. This is an educational app that offers a series of musical stories in Spanish, each with a clear social-emotional learning message.

Kids here can learn about the relevant experience of the stories and emotional background of Latin America. The app also offers podcasts for parents, where you’ll find episodes hosted by child psychologists, child development experts, and educators sharing insight on how to help kids explore the themes presented in each story. 


Parents need to know that AlphaTots is an excellent tool for helping children learn the alphabet. It is filled with creative and clever interactive activities; the app reinforces letters with interactive elements that are fun to do (such as assembling a building for the letter B or cutting strings for the letter C). Letters are sounded out, and the app is easy for kids of virtually all ages to navigate. 


After reading this article, parents will be acknowledged the idea of the apps. These ideas will enable parents and teachers to use the best apps for their kids to help them learn vocabulary with knowledge. Kids, in turn, will play games, listen to ABC songs and use these apps to increase their knowledge. 


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