Benefits of Using a Driver App With Fleet Management Software

Benefits of Using a Driver App With Fleet Management Software


Fleet Management Software system like the TrackoBit platform works wonders for managers taking care of multiple vehicles. It helps them with route planning, fuel monitoring, and increasing overall fleet productivity. However, the drivers do not get access to this portal, leaving an important wing to manual functions with a Driver App. 

Are you wondering why it is important to give drivers the automation experience? Or are you wondering how an extra app is going to profit your business? You’re in the right place! Because in this article, this is exactly what we’ll talk about. 

What is a Driver App and What Does it Automate? 

A driver app is an extension of a fleet management software portal that is accessible to drivers. It gives drivers the information and access to the actions that they might need to simplify and optimise fleet functions. This driver app is generally seamlessly connected and integrated with the main fleet management software portal. 

Using a driver app, you’ll be free of the hassles of manually explaining trip details to drivers You’ll also get to automate the trip expense record development process and simplify vehicle condition report handling. It is the best way to give drivers autonomy while also reducing some stress from your job. 

Functions Fulfilled Through Driver App 

Let us look into some functions that you add to your fleet management system with the help of a driver app.

  • Trip Information: Give your drivers an easy-to-understand trip dashboard where they can see the trips that they need to take. When you have used fleet management software’s route planning solutions to meticulously plant trips, the seamless integration shares the same details with the drivers of their app. 
  • Attendance Records: Drivers mark their attendance on the app. Therefore, you can maintain a comprehensive record of each driver’s availability through the data collected. 
  • Expense Records: Whenever a driver makes any expense of the trip, they can add receipts for authentic expense records. Having everything collected and verified on one platform allows simpler and more assured reimbursements, allowing your drivers to stay loyal to your fleet. 
  • Maintenance Checklists: Before embarking on any trip, it is the driver’s responsibility to check in there are any issues with the vehicle such as a leaking field tank or slashed tire. Even if any issues happen on the trip, they should be registered on the checklist. All checks will be supported with visual proofs and remarks if needed. 
  • Live Tracking: You get to track your drivers in real-time through our comprehensive and super-accurate GPS tracking systems. Get information on your driver’s whereabouts so that you do not have to take constant manual updates and disturb operations. 

Maximise Automation in Your Fleet 

We’re sure you’ve been enjoying the benefits of using fleet management software systems. That’s why you’re looking for an upgrade anyway, right? Using a driver app will maximise your fleet’s automation channel and that is bound to yield you massive profits. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out TrackoBit’s Driver App as an extension app to the main fleet management software platform!

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