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Curved Vs. Flat Monitors: Benefits of Curved Monitors?


Curved monitors are a new technology and they are overtaking traditional flat monitors. This could be due to their high-speed refresh rates, wider field of view, ultra-slim design, less distortion, better viewing angles, easy photo editing, less strain on eyes and wide form factor that delivers a truly immersive gaming experience.

Read on for more details on how curved monitors are different from flat monitors and how they can help you get a better visual experience.

Curved vs. Flat Monitors

There are hardly any differences between curved and flat monitors when it comes to viewing distance. The main point is that a curved monitor can better adjust to the natural depth of human eyesight. Flat monitors fail to offer that depth. With this quality, when using a curved monitor for gaming purposes or any other tasks, you will feel a more natural and better viewing experience,

Benefits of Curved Monitors

Curved Monitors Are Immersive:

This newly designed unit takes advantage of the world’s three dimensions – length, width, and height to create a sense of immersion. With this, the device can expand on peripheral vision – a kind of side vision that gives the ability to see things outside of your direct line of sight. On the other hand, flat monitors offer a weaker immersive experience because they do not offer a peripheral vision view.

Distortion Elimination:

Imagine how annoying it is when you view a blurry picture while playing your favorite games. Think what it would be like when you find that distorted images are due to issues in the monitor not because of poor internet connection, or damaged, lost or burnt cables. Such issues are uncommon with the latest monitors. When discussing curved vs. flat monitors, you should know that distorted image issues are almost associated with the flat unit. A curved monitor can eliminate or reduce this issue.

More Comfortable for Eyes:

Curved monitors are more comfortable for human eyes. They allow us to take in everything at once without any strain. No doubt many high-end flat monitors also have eye care features such as blue light filters. But a curving design keeps all images equidistant from your eyes. It means your eyes have to work less. On the contrary, flat monitors can cause eye strain especially when the screen surpasses the viewer’s natural field of view.

Less Chance of Color Fade:

Chances of color fade with curved monitors are very less. The reason is that every pixel is at an equal distance from your eyes. So, there is no part on the screen that looks farther from your eyes. You can observe more things on your screen, primarily when it comes to FPS games or even charts if you’re trading.

Improved Gaming Experience:

Curved gaming monitors let gamers fully immerse themselves in the game by making images more realistic. This is possible because these innovative displays have the quality to bend images around the player’s field of view. This lets gamers feel like they’re present at the gaming spot while playing. Also, these monitors are ideal if you want to upgrade to a big screen and play games by sitting at a distance from the monitor.

Ergonomically Friendly:

When discussing curved monitors vs flat monitors, we shouldn’t forget that formers are far more ergonomically friendly in comparison to their flat counterparts. A simple curving design offers a variety of ergonomic benefits to gamers such as more comfortable, better posture, more desk space, better visual quality, less-eye strain, and sleeker aesthetics.

Stylish and Eye Catching

Do you care much about looks and appearance? If so, opt for curved monitors as they look more attractive, stylish, and beautiful. Edge, shape, and design will attract everyone’s attention. While using multimedia or watching a movie, you will have that much more enhanced experience than flat monitors. In addition to this, these models will be the central design element of your high-tech room.

Summing Up

The bottom line is that curved monitors are better than flat ones. If you are a serious gamer and want to upgrade your system, then choose a curved gaming monitor or an ultra-wide curved monitor. It’s all up to you as flat monitors with the right features can also be a good choice provided that you will not gain all those benefits offered by their new counterparts.

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