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Besides being able to clone apps, App Cloner apk can also help you report issues with apps. It uses an unofficial certificate for signing clones and enables users to report app issues. It also allows users to mirror apps. As a result, it can help you save a lot of your precious time. To download App cloner, tap here.

Advanced settings of App Cloner APK

App Cloner APK provides a convenient way to clone apps without installing them first. This program has advanced multi-select and filtering features and the ability to save and share the APK file you generated. It also offers privacy features, so you can ensure the app you clone is not used by anyone else.

Features of App Cloner APK

There are several ways to customize the features of App Cloner. You can edit cloned applications by enabling ‘Edit app’ or ‘Manage blocked hosts.’ Alternatively, you can view the files used by the cloned app by allowing the ‘File access monitor.’ There is also a Layout inspector, which lets you see the app’s view hierarchy. And if you want, you can share or update your cloned app.

Advanced settings of App Cloner APK include the ability to protect cloned apps with passwords and ‘incognito mode. There are over 200 customizable options, and new ones are added with each update. But be careful, as not all applications can be cloned. You should ensure you don’t try to clone apps that rely on a certificate to access secure services.

More about App Cloner APK

You can also use App Cloner to clone social media apps. While this is a free application, it won’t work with paid apps. However, some devices offer native app cloning, which lets you run multiple copies of the same app. The OnePlus, Samsung, and Xiaomi phones have this feature, and more brands are expected to follow suit soon. The quality is called ‘Duo Messenger’ on Samsung phones and ‘Parallel Apps’ on OnePlus smartphones.

App Cloner provides a way to report any issues with the cloned apps. The program also has a feature known as ‘Feedback’ that allows you to report any problems with the cloned app. You can also choose to uninstall an older clone.

App Cloner APK offers advanced security and privacy settings. You can hide the cloned app’s icon and name and enable or disable ‘wake-locks.’ The app can even run in a window mode.

Mirroring apps

If you’re planning on mirroring apps on another device, you must be aware of some precautions before using this tool. For starters, you need an Android device with 4.4 or higher. Also, your device needs to have the appropriate hardware for screen mirroring. Moreover, you need to make sure that you back up your device before using this app. Lastly, change your network password if using a public WiFi network.

App Cloner APK with smart devices 

If you’re using an Android TV or Apple TV, you’ll have to ensure that you have a WiFi connection. This way, you can connect the Android device to the TV and enjoy the same content. Once you’ve done that, you can easily share your screen with the other device using the same app.

You can also use the app to mirror your smartphone or tablet to your TV. This is useful if you need to present something at work or want to watch a home movie on a big screen. You can also use it to show messages and social media apps. However, you shouldn’t use the app while driving. In addition, using this app in your jurisdiction may be illegal.

Features of App Cloner APK

In addition to mirroring, App Cloner has other valuable features that will make your Android device more powerful. Besides the ability to clone apps, it also allows you to manage storage space, disable data, and automatically remove recently-opened files. The tool also offers a variety of options for changing your Android ID and MAC address.

The program also allows you to edit the original app and change the emoji and colors as you want. You can also change the app’s name, making the copy look and feel the same as the original. In addition, App Cloner also lets you customize the icon of the original.

You can also create similar apps to make them easier to distinguish from other versions. You can also develop similar apps to popular apps. To make a parallel copy, you must grant the necessary permissions to the original app and mark it as an “App Twin” in the App Cloner APK. Once you’ve done this, you can access the secondary app and customize it to your liking.

Disable ads

One of the best features of App Cloner is the ability to disable advertisements. It does this by removing Google advertising APIs. This is an excellent option if you want to enjoy your apps without being bothered by ads. You can also opt for the app’s premium version to get premium features and benefits.

Control privacy settings 

The premium version of App Cloner allows you to control your privacy settings. It sandboxes cloned apps and identifies tracking elements. This prevents snooping by prominent apps. It also allows you to control the use of Google APIs.

In addition to removing ads, you can also change the application’s name. You can even change the popup advertisement on the copied application. With this premium version, you can share the cloned application with others. Another great feature is the ability to disable ads within the replicated application.

Best cloning apps

App Cloner is one of the best applications for cloning apps. This premium version allows you to have multiple login accounts for different apps. For example, you can run several reports for social media accounts. The premium version also allows you to use the security features without restrictions. You can also use the premium version of App Cloner Premium without any limitations.

Another method is to disable ads with an application called AdAway. While this is a bit more laborious, it does work if you have root access. The tool modifies the HOSTS file to block ads in all apps and websites. However, if you do not have root access on your Android, you can opt for Lucky Patcher.

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