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Apex Launcher for Android – Nougat Revealed


Apex Launcher for Android is one of the most popular launchers for Android OS, but it has been silent for almost two years without an update. While once a fan favorite, it fought with Nova for supremacy and went quiet after the latter launched an update. Luckily, the developers have announced a May re-launch and promise mysterious new features. We can only assume that these will include the Nougat goodness that we’ve come to love so much. To download Apex Launcher, tap here.

Apex Launcher | Customizable interface

Apex Launcher allows you to customize your Android phone’s interface. You can customize the size of widgets, change the color scheme, and add action shortcuts. The app drawer is customizable as well. You can also change your wallpaper. Apex Launcher for Android is free to download, but you can purchase the pro version to unlock additional features.

You can also download Apex Browser, which is entirely free and can become your default browser. Once you download the app, you can customize the look and feel of the app. You can resize the widgets and icons, too. This app is very customizable, so you’ll want to take your time and experiment with it.

Apex Launcher

Best features of Apex Launcher

Another great feature of Apex Launcher is its ability to customize the homescreen grid. You can select the number of pages to display and the number of icons per page. The app also has a scrollable dock with up to 7 icons per page. Apex Launcher for Android is sure to enhance your phone’s productivity with its customization options.

Apex Launcher has been around for quite some time and has undergone many facelifts. Its default UI is pretty standard, but it supports gesture controls, an application locker, icon pack support, and many other features. While it’s not entirely as customizable as Nova, it offers similar functionality to Nova. The app drawer can be customized with the help of a skin, which you can download from the Google Play Store.

For your Android

Apex Launcher for Android offers many features and is free to download. It has nine customizable home screens, a customizable dock with room for seven icons, an infinite scroll, and different transition effects. You can also hide interface elements, customize icons, and use gestures to access unread notifications.

Apex Launcher for Android has also been updated to support Android Lollipop. The new update includes features and customizations like redesigned Apex action icons, a lollipop-style folder with new animations, and a material app icon.

Security features

Apex Launcher for Android is an app that lets you customize the interface of your Android device. It also has several security features that can protect your data. For example, the app enables you to lock your gallery and hide all the apps you don’t want anyone to see. You can also create a secret folder for particular apps and hide them from public view using a PIN or password. The app also supports biometric and pattern locks.

Apex Launcher is compatible with various Android devices, including tablets and phones. The application offers dozens of functionalities to improve your phone’s interface. It also helps you improve your phone’s efficiency and speed. It also supports gesture operation and provides features such as restoring and backing up deleted files.

More about Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher for Android replaces the stock launcher on your Android device. It also adds extra customization features and options to enhance user experience. Users can also hide certain apps, customize home screens, and organize apps. Compared to stock Android, Apex Launcher is more secure and provides more customization options. It is also Play Protection verified, so you can feel safe using it.

Apex Launcher has over two dozen icon styles for your app drawer. You can customize the size and number of icons, the animation, the scrolling behavior, and more. This means that you can create a completely customized experience on your phone. In addition, it supports gestures on devices that don’t support them.

A powerful application 

This is a powerful application that gives you total control over your device’s screen and apps. It is ideal for anyone who wants to customize their display and for those who want to keep their privacy and security in mind. The free version has new customization options, and the pro version adds more functionality and privacy features.

Notification Badge

If you have an Apex Launcher for Android, you can quickly turn on the Notification badge to show a number over an application’s icon. This feature is supported by Android 8.0 and up, but it is not yet available in the stock version of the operating system. You will need to add permissions to your app’s manifest file to enable this functionality.

If you want to hide this feature, you must disable it per channel. Currently, this feature is enabled by default in launcher apps that support it. If you want to disable it, you can disable it in the Settings app. The number of notifications shown in the icon badge will decrease once a user acts on them.

Fortunately, several third-party solutions allow you to change the notification badge icon on your Android phone. Apex Launcher Pro and Nova Launcher Prime are two such solutions. Both of these apps offer a ton of features and will help you customize your home screen. Additionally, they restore the notification badge icon.

The latest Apex Launcher update 

The latest update to Apex Launcher for Android allows display notifications as badges above apps. It also improves app drawer organization and integrates with Apex Notifier for pro users. You can download the app for free or upgrade to the pro version for $3.99.

Features of Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher for Android also features an app that allows you to customize the Notification badge. This app integrates with Apex Notifier and will enable you to set the notification duration. You can also place folders in your app drawer to organize your apps. You can also choose a different notification icon style for your apps.

The notification badge in Apex Launcher for android is a great feature that provides additional customization options to your phone. You can customize your notification badge to show the number of unread messages regardless of the sender’s name. You can also customize the status bar and view the notifications on the status bar.

Integration with Apex Notifier

Apex Notifier is a notification management app that provides notifications to other applications, including Apex Launcher Pro and DashClock Widget. It does nothing independently but provides notification data to other applications, such as an email client or a calendar app. In addition, Apex Notifier works with Android Wear devices and DashClock.

The newest version of this app features an expanded Apex Notifier and folders in the app drawer. These two applications can work together seamlessly, allowing users to access and organize their notifications easily. The app beta is available for download in the Play Store. You can also download it from XDA Devs if you’re a member of the XDA Developers community.

More about Apex Launcher

The Apex Notifier allows you to configure various metrics, such as downtime, total response time, and min/max values. You can also specify percentiles or average values for each of these metrics. Then, you can use these metrics to set up custom notifications that notify your internal users when a significant event occurs.

Apex Launcher has also updated to version 2.0, adding several new features and functionality for its free and pro users. The updated Apex Notifier extension works with it and DashClock Widget, including unread count notifications on icons. Apex Notifier is compatible with Android 4.2+, including DashClock.


Apex Launcher Android is a top-rated launcher constantly updated with new features and improvements. Its Pro version has folders in the app drawer and integration with Apex Notifier. The app also supports notification badges and vibration duration. It has also improved the activity picker and the settings menu layout.

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