Things To Do In Oran

6 Most Unforgettable Activities To Do In Oran


Oran is a metropolitan area in northern Algeria with a population of one million. Situated on the Gulf of Oran’s coast. This port city is Algeria’s second largest city after the nation’s capital, Algiers. Located at the bottom of a north-facing bay and is dominated by the Adour mountain. 

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Hassan Pasha Mosque

The mosque, built by Mohamed El-Kébir at the end of the 18th century, is a superb example of Islamic architecture. It is immediately identifiable from a distance due to its cone-shaped minaret, which is covered in unique Ottoman ceramics. Located on the right bank of the Rhi wadi in the Sidi El-Houari neighborhood. And visits take place in the morning, with the exception of Fridays. And allow you to explore the spectacular crescent-shaped interior courtyard and the ornamental walls.

Santa Cruz Fort

The 430-meter-tall Adour is a hill that overlooks the city of Oran. Fort Santa Cruz, the location of brutal battles between the Ottomans and the Spaniards. Built there due to the region’s extensive history of strategic importance. This was the purpose for establishing the fort there. Walking up the hill, covered with a labyrinth of different paths. Which offers a unique view of the bay, and touring the fort with the assistance of a tour guide are both alternatives. When seeking activities to do in Oran, this is one of the most significant destinations to visit.

The Mediterranean-Inspired Urban Garden

During the warm summer months, visitors to the Jardin Citadin Méditerranéen, a municipal park in the heart of the city that is popular with children and couples. And can enjoy a skewer of a bunch of grilled meats with coriander served by street vendors or relax on the park’s lawns while admiring a breathtaking view of the nearby Mediterranean Sea. You can go to the park’s lanes during this time to cool off. This park frequented by children.

Zabana National Museum in Oran is worth seeing

This incredible museum features a wide variety of collections, each more intriguing than the last. From traces of the first prehistoric men present on Algerian territory to Muslim arts, including the section reserved for the revolution or that related to the history of the city. This museum is undoubtedly a place of interest to discover when searching for things to do in Oran.

Habiba’s Islands

The Habibas Islands are located approximately thirty kilometers north of Oran. There are several plant and animal species on these islands, some of which are native to the region.

To gain access to these spots, which are kept secret and reserved for aficionados. You will need to negotiate with a fisherman who, for a few dinars, will agree to drop you off there. This one-of-a-kind experience takes place just off the coast of North Africa and is recognized as a marine nature reserve. It enables tourists to observe nature in its pristine, untamed state. Perfect for your stay in Oran when you visit!

How to Reach Oran?

By air

Whether you are looking for last-minute flights to Oran (ORN) or are planning a vacation for a later date, you can take advantage of our lowest prices for your travel dates on this page. There are numerous airlines that offer these services, including Singapore Airlines, Air France, Turkish Airlines, and others. In general, 123 flights occur each week; however, weekend and holiday schedules may vary, so it is crucial to confirm in advance.

By train

The line between Algiers and Oran is one of the most significant segments of the Algerian railway system. The electrification of a segment of the railway between Algiers and El Affroun has recently enhanced commuter rail service between the two cities (Algiers and El Affroun).

By road

If you want the freedom to see everything Oran has to offer, you should select a plan with unlimited miles. After conducting a date search, check the ‘unlimited miles’ box to see results that include this additional service. This benefit is provided by a number of service providers as a standard feature, and its inclusion varies based on the duration of the rental.


Algeria’s capital city, Algiers, barely earned its independence in the middle of the previous century, despite retaining its status as the economic capital of the country’s western area and as a major economic hub encompassing all of North Africa. Excited enough? Book your trip with AirlinesMap now and gear up for an awesome trip ever..!

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