6 Incredible Custom Pizza Boxes Examples


When it comes to celebrations, there’s nothing quite as amazing as a custom-made pizza. Not only do you get to customize your pizza exactly how you want it, but it also gives you the chance to add some extra special touches like homemade sauce or toppings. Whether you’re having a small get-together with friends or throwing a huge party for your family and friends, these six pizza boxes will make the perfect centerpiece!

What is a Custom Pizza Box?

The custom pizza boxes are custom-made cardboard or plastic container that is used to carry and serve pizza. It can be made to look like any type of food, including a cake, and it can be customized to match the company’s branding.

Custom pizza boxes are popular among large corporations, such as restaurants and grocery stores, who want to give their customers a unique experience. They also make a great marketing tool for small businesses. By creating custom pizza boxes, businesses can show their customers that they take their business seriously.

Custom pizza boxes can be made in any size or shape, and they can be decorated with logos or pictures. They are also available in different colors and styles, so businesses can find the perfect one for them.

If you’re looking for a creative way to market your business, consider using custom pizza boxes. They offer a unique experience that your customers will love.

How to Make a Custom Pizza Box

If you love pizza but hate the hassle of taking it to go, you’ll love these custom pizza boxes! They’re easy to make, and your guests will be impressed with your culinary skills.

To make a custom pizza box, start by measuring the size of your pizza box. You’ll need to measure the height, width, and depth of the box. Next, draw a sketch of your box on some paper. Make sure to include all the curves and details.

Once you have your design ready, you can start making your box! Start by cutting out your pieces using a biscuit cutter or a cardboard cutter. Be sure to keep the measurements accurate; if you don’t, the sides of your pizza will be too thin or too thick.

Next, glue your pieces together using a hot glue gun. Make sure that the seams are sealed well so that water doesn’t get inside the box. Once everything is glued together, give it a coat of paint or sealant to protect it from dirt and dust.

Examples of Custom Pizza Boxes

There are a variety of different types of custom pizza boxes out there, and each offers its own unique benefits. Some are designed to promote a certain brand or product, while others are made simply to look cool.

One of the most popular custom pizza boxes is the pizza box cake box. This type of box features a custom cake that has been decorated like a pizza. It is perfect for birthdays, parties, or special occasions. Not only is it a delicious way to celebrate, but it also looks very impressive.

Other popular custom pizza boxes include the pizza box cake standup kit. This package includes everything you need to create a stunning cake box that looks like a real pizza pie. You simply have to provide the cake and toppings, and the kit provides all the instructions and supplies necessary to make the cake look amazing.

Alternatively, you can also buy pre-made round pizza boxes that are ready to be customized. These boxes come in many different designs and styles, so there is sure to be one that is perfect for your needs. Whether you want something simple or something elaborate, there is definitely a custom pizza box out there for you.


Custom pizza boxes are perfect for any event, and you don’t have to be a professional baker to create them. In this article, we’ve shared six incredible custom pizza box examples that you can use to wow your friends and family at your next party. Whether you’re looking for a simple design or something more extravagant, these ideas will have you creating pizzas like a pro in no time.

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