5 Best Learning Management Systems IN USA 2022


There are many benefits to using a learning management system for your training programs. It helps you to combine online and offline trainings, automates routine tasks, and engages users with gamification, video streaming, mobile-friendly learning, and personalized dashboards. It also has a robust reporting framework that allows you to monitor individual progress. Another great feature is its strong accessibility feature. In addition, it is highly secured and offers 24 hour support online.

D2L Brightspace LMS

Brightspace LMS from D2L is an impressive cloud-based LMS for running blended and fully online classrooms. This system combines integrated platforms and adaptive learning analytics to deliver a personalized, flexible learning experience. It also features customizable data reporting and is compatible with a variety of software applications.

Brightspace is a popular LMS used across colleges and universities in the USA. This software allows instructors to assign different types of information to students and teachers. It can also manage various kinds of tests and assignments. Ultimately, Brightspace makes education more convenient and enjoyable for everyone.

Brightspace was originally called Desire2Learn and was built with accessibility in mind. This is evident in the accessibility checker built into its HTML content editor. This feature is located next to the spell check icon. It scans the document for images without alt tags and other problems that can affect accessibility.

uaf blackboard

UAF Blackboard is one of the most popular learning management systems in USA, and it comes with powerful social learning features, integrated mobile apps, group management, and grading enhancements. This cloud-based solution offers a customizable site design and allows educators to integrate video conferencing tools. It is also highly customizable, with features like a content editor, which helps educators make their courses more interactive.

Using Blackboard is easy and convenient, and it’s customizable to your brand. It supports multiple languages and can handle both instructor-led and on-demand training. It also has an intuitive dashboard, which provides a visual overview of system activity. It’s a great choice for any company looking to create custom learning courses for their employees.


Docebo is one of the best cloud-based LMS solutions for enterprise training. Its new platform helps capture and share experiential, social, and formal knowledge, increasing employee engagement and driving positive business outcomes. The company’s cloud-based LMS is already used by the International Association of Internet Hotlines to train Hotline Analysts worldwide.

Besides helping companies track their training, an LMS can be used to streamline processes and automate business processes. The software can also be used to verify employee skills and capabilities. It can also streamline record-keeping and help companies prove their ROI. The system tracks learner activity and course evaluations, and can provide the learning management reports required by the company.

The software also supports instructor-led training. Its cloud-based design makes it easy to use. Furthermore, it provides strong support for SCORM and TinCan, and is extensible. Users can also create custom user profiles.


The iSpring Learning Management System is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) with powerful authoring tools. With a few clicks, users can upload content and access it anytime and anywhere. It also supports SCORM, GDPR, and offers unlimited storage space. Its other features include the ability to send invitation emails, manage training deadlines, and send reminders.

iSpring’s free platform lets you easily create eLearning courses and track student progress. You can add interactive quizzes, videos, and more to your courses. You can also share data from your eLearning platform with back-office applications. It also offers a variety of features and functions, including SCORM and HTML5 support.


Absorb LMS is a cloud-based LMS that helps organizations drive business productivity and enhance learner experience. Its customizable features allow customers to tailor their LMS to their needs and learning program. It also offers a built-in intelligent assistant (Intelligent Assist), which helps administrators manage day-to-day administrative tasks. The assistant uses natural language to lead users to a pre-configured report or action screen.

Absorb Pinpoint uses natural language processing and AI to transcribe video lessons into text, which makes them searchable. The system also includes collaboration tools that increase user engagement. The Absorb Engage module offers interactive eLearning courses, and its Absorb Create module helps you create, publish, and track learning content. The system supports SCORM, HTML5, and xAPI. It also offers an iOS and Android mobile app.

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