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3 Important Things Every Good School in Dubai Should Provide for Kindergarten Kids


Kindergarten is the first school any kid is going to attend. This period of 2-3 years is very crucial for both parents and kids. Whatever we nurture our children into during this period, they become. So, children should be nurtured well in a holistic environment during this period of their lives.

The roots of the tree should be deep in order for the tree to stand strong. This preschool education for your kid is like the roots of a tree. Your kids will stand strong and have a bright future if their educational roots are deeply ingrained in them.

So, during these early years of their schooling and learning, they should be taken care of by both the parents and the school. In this article, we will learn three things that you must keep in mind before enrolling your child or children in a kindergarten school. These three things are to be given utmost importance in any good school in Dubai.

1. Kgs School Curriculum

The curriculum of any school is the most important thing that we as parents should be concerned about. The curriculum is the one thing that plays a key role in nurturing the kids and deepening their educational roots. So as parents, we should be very conscious of the school that we send our kids to for their preschool education.

Let’s look at a few points about what a good curriculum is and what you should look for in it. 

The kindergarten curriculum should focus on the basics, like listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Besides this, Kgs school should focus on improving kids’ language fluency. The kindergarten curriculum should also include creative activities that can develop the kids’ creative sides from the very beginning. Along with studies, the kids should be involved in both extracurricular and cocurricular activities to discover and develop new interests. 

Choose a good school in Dubai that helps your child’s overall development.

2. Safe and Sound Environment

The school environment is also the most important thing we should be concerned about. Kids of that age should be brought up in a secure and healthy environment. The environment in which they grow will have a huge impact on the kids’ personality development. So, in order for your kids to develop a good personality, the school environment should be healthy, happy, and engaging. 

My personal advice would be to go and check out the school personally. Virtual tours are great, but touring the school personally will give us a sense of the school’s environment. Check out the testimonials, and also try to get in touch with the parents of an existing student. Those parents will give you their personal feedback on the school and the school’s environment.

3. Faculty and Facilities

The faculty and facilities of a school are also important, of which we should be conscious. The faculty of the school should be qualified enough and highly knowledgeable in their respective fields.

The facilities should be excellent as well. The classrooms should be digitalized so that the kids can learn more. The school should also consist of laboratories where students can learn things practically and experience things.


To sum up in a few sentences, the school should have these three most important things:

1. A Good School Curriculum

2. A Safe and Sound Environment,

3. Best Faculty and Facilities.

These three things help kids develop their personalities, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

So, the next time you enrol your child in kindergarten, do some research on schools that can provide all three of the above-mentioned services.

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